Trekking Cajón del Azul

El Cajón del Azul is a mountain refuge in the town of El Bolsón, one of the most visited trails. The Azul River is the undisputed protagonist of this excursion, which rises in the mountain range and flows into Lake Puelo after about 40 km. During its course, it crosses a deep wooded valley and accompanies the traveler in part of his journey. The trekking route leads to the section of the river in its upper course, passing by serene pools that invite you to swim in summer.

When preparing for the outing, it is essential to complete the trekking registration of the Río Azul-Lago Escondido Natural Protected Area and check weather conditions.

Cajón del Azul Refuge

At the El Bolsón Mountain Office you can get information and detailed maps of the route. From the center of the city, you must take Route 40 towards Mallín Ahogado, approximately 17 km, to the Wharton farm. Once there, you can park your vehicle and start the hike. Wharton is the starting point for numerous excursions in the region.

A few minutes from the start, you will find The Gaucho Beer stop, a place to buy foodrest by the river. As you make your way through the dense forest, you will discover that the network of trails intertwines and detours appear that can lead you to other refuges and that Cajón del Azul is not the only route available.

The first refuge on the way is La Playita, about 6 km from the beginning. There you will also have the option to spend the nighttake other routes that connect this Troncal Circuit to the Casa de Campo refuge. The most demanding part is left behind to enjoy the last stretch to Cajón del Azul and the surrounding landscape of rock walls, forests and the sound of the river.

If you continue along the Troncal Circuit for about 30 minutes more, it is possible to visit another refuge. A detour to the right leads to a footbridge that crosses the Azul River in the direction of La Tronconada, located in the middle of a thick coihue forest.

After the break at the little beach and enjoying the pools, the trail continues to cross a bridge and the river becomes deeper and more transparent. The walls begin to peek out, revealing the bravery of the dark blue torrent between the rocks. At the top of the steep rock face, the edges reveal the fracture in the rock that confirms the grandeur of nature. There a small log bridge joins the sides of the canyon, guiding you to the last stretch to reach the longed-for Cajón del Azul. However, if you decide to reach the source of the river, before crossing the bridge and traveling about 40 minutes more you can add another incredible experience.

Overnight stays include the use of a kitchen with utensils. The place has a grocery store, sale of prepared meals and showers with hot water to replenish energy.

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Tour typeTour type: Trekking
DifficultyDifficulty: half
DurationDuration: Walking time 3 to 4 hours
How to get hereHow to get here: By car: From El Bolsón take route 40 heading north, as if leaving towards Bariloche. After passing the police checkpoint, the road that leads to Mallín Ahogado opens to the left, following this main road for about 8 kilometers you will see the sign indicating Wharton to turn left. At the end of this road you will reach the Wharton family crossroads where you can park your car to start the trekking.

Without a vehicle: From El Bolsón, take the La Golondrina transport at the Pagano square, signposted "to Wharton", the stop is right at the crossroads.


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