Visit to Hielo Azul Refuge

Mount Hielo Azul boasts one of the most important glaciers in the area. Its ice cracks tinged in a deep blue shade captivate visitors.

Inside the geography close to El Bolsón, beautiful Mount Hielo Azul (Blue Ice) is considered one of the most picturesque ascents. A great view is guaranteed at this location.

At 1,500 meters MSL there is a refuge where visitors may enjoy an imposing natural amphitheater of rocks surrounded by a lenga forest that is always covered with snow during the coldest winters.

A small log cabin shelters those who dare to reach that point. Besides, this refuge is ideal for camping, provided that all precautionary measures are taken so as to avoid any forest fire.

The journey from the Azul River takes six hours to the refuge and four hours back to the starting point, as the pace becomes faster on the way down. There is a steep ascent with a 1,200-meter slope. The path crosses the Azul River at 300 meters MSL.

Hikers leave from the City of El Bolsón heading for Hue Naim camping site, which lies just 8 kilometers away on the Azul River bank. Once there, visitors must border the river along the well-marked trail. It is hard to get lost.

The path goes up a steep slope for about fifteen minutes until a small very old construction is reached. Getting past it, there will appear several small creeks which are usually dry in the summer. Hikers must continue their way up as the vegetation becomes more stunted and open. After that, the place known as Mallín de los Palos (the Sticks Bog) is accessed.

  • At 1,500 meters MSL

    At 1,500 meters MSL

  • Azul River

    Azul River

  • Cauquenes on the river

    Cauquenes on the river

  • A unique site in the surroundings of a must visit destination

    A unique site in the surroundings of a must visit destination

  • The glacier

    The glacier

  • The glacier

    The glacier

  • In autumn

    In autumn

Across the bog, the path becomes steeper up to a small summit that features a unique panoramic sight of the Ranquel River: the course of this river runs over 200 meters below.

The trail continues to go up until it comes to a fork. Hikers must take the trail on the left. Even though it is well signposted, it might be confusing if the area is unknown. Therefore, it is usually advisable to go on this tour accompanied by a group.

From this point onwards, the slope becomes softer and then the Teno Creek appears, which must be bordered in order to reach the coveted refuge. Once in the shelter, visitors may enjoy a hike to the Hielo Azul Glacier and the summit of Mount Barda Negra, which displays an excellent view of the mountain range.

A unique site in the surroundings of a must visit destination.

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