Córdoba’s Zoo

Córdoba’s Zoo is almost 100 years old and it has ended up immersed in the urban shell, very close to the downtown. It represents an ideal outing to enjoy with the family.

There is nothing better than taking the children out to the zoo to show them exotic animals from somewhere else in the planet. Grown-ups enjoy the joy of the young and a space where we have always had fun.

We must not forget that animals live in captivity at this venue, but the truth is that many species have been born in this space and have never seen their original habitat. This is an educational and recreational site where visitors may learn what these animals eat, how long they sleep and how they breed.

It was a sunny afternoon and maybe that was the reason why most of the animals were wandering around their cages, having their nap or enjoying their activities.

  • Bengal tigers

    Bengal tigers

  • Black leopard

    Black leopard

  • Interactive aquarium

    Interactive aquarium

  • The noisiest cages

    The noisiest cages

  • Reptiles


  • African lions

    African lions

  • Rondeau 789

    Rondeau 789

We passed in front of the felines cages, which are really large due to the size of these animals. Leopards, Bengal tigers and African lions walked around, bathed and ate without being affected by our presence.

We walked amidst the lush vegetation that separates the different areas and helps mitigate the prevailing high temperatures.

The Córdoba’s Zoo has an interactive aquarium, a dark place with large fish bowls and fish of various characteristics and origins, including the huge dorados from the Paraná River. Through the crystal we could see how they moved, their colors and the various features that correspond to warm or cold waters.

Each area tries to represent the natural habitat and includes a written explanation containing each species’ origin, character and diet. All this is completed by explanatory lectures provided by specialized guides.

We passed by the noisiest cages, where cockatoos, parrots and chattering lories seem to understand each other by speaking a high-pitched language typical of the rainforests in Chaco.

Call of the Wild

At the so-called Mundo Exótico (Exotic World), there is a very complete collection of arachnids, scorpions and reptiles. Just looking at them made our hair stand on end. Instead, a child stared at the spot where a huge spider moved and said: "Oh! How I’d love to hold it in my hand!".

As we continued with the tour, we observed a great deal of people coming and going and wearing the same apparel. They coordinate the inner tasks of the venue on a daily basis, including feeding, cleaning and taking care of the animals’ health.

The caretakers are the voice of the animals, as they know their needs better than anyone around. We made contact with Luis, who has worked at the zoo for long years. "I spend the day in the company of the animals and I believe we have a very special bond with some of them. I have become truly attached".

As we had a break at the food yard of the zoo, we heard that it is possible to go on a night visit during the summer. There is also a theme space called Native Flora, which offers visitors the chance to recognize species from the Province of Córdoba.

We bade farewell to zebras, hippos and elephants, who had given us a beautiful recreation moment and indulged our children with some memories they will keep for a long long time.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

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