Photo Gallery in Córdoba

A splendid cathedral Carmelite nuns' Church and Monastery Neo-Gothic architecture and palm trees Arts Promenade <i>Pasaje Santa Catalina</i> City tour on the bus Sculptures inside the <i>Cabildo</i> Flowers promenade At the zoo Craftsmen in San Martín Square At 2 in the afternoon <i>Cabildo</i> and Cathedral Sculpture in the water, Good Shepherd's Promenade Doors carved in Missiones oak, Cathedral Children at Emilio Caraffa Fine Arts Provincial Museum At the Jesuit Block Restless city The Sacred Heart's Church, behind Church of the Company of Jesus The churches of Córdoba Hudzon municipal engineer tribute fountain Judicial Branch, Federal Court Building Trolley buses in Córdoba Capuchin Friars' Church Colorful circle, Bicentennial's Promenade Cutting-edge technology, intelligent building Lake at Sarmiento Park Libertador Gral. San Martín Theater Arts Promenade Lottery of the Province of Córdoba Pedestrian streets in the city Dante Alighieri's Monument Sacred streets, Córdoba Shady trees in the historical shell Streets with history Art work, Good Shepherd's Promenade Natural Science Museum Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera, founder of Córdoba Emilio Caraffa Museum Gregorio Funes Ecclesiastical Museum Carmelite nuns Monserrat National College Refurbishing works at the Cathedral City tour bus stop Obispo Trejo and Caseros Streets Palace of Justice Juan de Tejeda Religious Art Museum City tour bus Our Lady of Mercy's Basilica San Martín Square

Photo credits: Eduardo Epifanio (142)
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