Argentinian Puppet Museum

A site created with vocation and commitment: the Argentinian Puppet Museum pays tribute to a very long tradition.

Threads, Hands and Other Things

Two blocks away from Independencia Avenue, in San Telmo, on another grey corner of the many traditional buildings in this neighborhood, a sign invites us in. Inside, visitors can see one puppet after another displayed in glass cabinets.

Behind each puppet each of us once saw on a small stage, behind the curtains, against a dark background, there is an honest and simple art that seems to have blossomed all round the world. Behind this museum, there lie the hands of two women who learned how to devote their lives to this art.

Huge wooden puppets are handled by metal hooks. Small animals made of foam rubber are moved with the fingers. Articulated figures made of papier-mâché and cardboard are controlled by invisible hands through pieces of threads. Animals and skeletons. Monsters and knights. Tango singers, hens, maharashis. Techniques seem to be countless and materials too.

  • An honest and simple art

    An honest and simple art

  • Of all nationalities

    Of all nationalities

  • Puppets from Mexico

    Puppets from Mexico

  • Piedras 905

    Piedras 905

Two People, Four Hands, One Vision

There is something special within these walls: a vocation that gave origin to the museum, witnessed to its creation and maintains it. As we went in, a woman welcomed us with a smile that went straight to our hearts: Sarah Bianchi, present headmistress of the museum and one of the two women who created it.

The Argentinian Puppet Museum was created in 1983 and for years it has existed and accumulated heritage without having a venue. It was not until 1996 that it started to operate at its present venue, a few years after the death of its co-founder: Mane Bernardo. One same house witnessed to the birth of this puppet pioneer in Argentina and to the work that culminated her life effort: the museum.

Today that dream is still alive, not only as a space to display puppets from all over the world, as a specialized library for researchers and all those interested in the subject, as a place for temporary shows with workshops and activities, but also as a hall where plays both for children and adults are constantly presented.

Such a place would seem impossible without the passion of those who believed their vision was worth in spite of all inconveniences. Years passed and the museum grew. Visitors may come along any day and find a woman by the door. Simple, just as if she had popped up from a fairy tale, her smile welcomes those who wish to spend some time among the puppets.

Autor Marcos Rodríguez Fotografo Marcos Rodríguez

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