Things to do in Cafayate

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Contemplative Tourism

<i>Ponchos</i> in the Sun

At Seclantás, the weavers of <i>ponchos</i> proudly show their fine garments of a high handicraft value, an age-old craft passed on from generation to generation.

Contemplative Tourism

Alemanía and Its Ghost Train

Though forgotten by classical tourist routes, Alemanía is a beautiful mountain village that still preserves stories intact from the times of the railway, the demoniacal festivals and the gold prospectors. A must.

Contemplative Tourism

All the Leaves Belong to the Wind

Leaving from Salta, Route 68 takes us to Cafayate. A paradise road. The wind was in charge of giving whimsical shapes to the mountains, as if they were a pile of leaves.


Cafayate Wineries

The wineries of Cafayate open their gates to lovers of good wine offering their grapes to all visitors. A great time to taste the various specialties and take home some top quality wine.


Colomé Winery in Cafayate

A winery with famous labels opened its doors for us to learn the secrets of its red and white grapes immersed in an environment of unique beauty.

Contemplative Tourism

From Cafayate to Cachi along Route 40

The constantly zigzagging road stretches around these very strange rock formations and several old towns that add up an extra attraction to the journey.


Lavaque: an Old Winery in Cafayate

Our five senses were seduced by a tour starting at the vineyards, through the winery and ending with the tasting of excellent Argentinian wine within an extremely professional environment.

Contemplative Tourism

Pottery in La Yesera

Only 20 kilometers from Cafayate, there is a pottery studio in the open air. It is located in a spot called La Yesera and it allows us to get to know the regional pottery works from the Argentinian North.

Contemplative Tourism

Ruins of Quilmes, Calchaquí Chronicles

The ruins of Quilmes can be reached from Cafayate (Salta) or from Tafi del Valle (Tucumán).

WineriesContemplative Tourism

Salta Wine Route

For years, the attraction has consisted not only in tasting its varietals, but also in learning about the secrets of winemaking. The circuit includes towns, sceneries and glasses, of course.

GastronomyContemplative Tourism

Soft goat cheese

Here is a proposal to enjoy with the family and, why not, by bike: watching life at a goat’s milk cheese producing farm very close to the center of the city.

WineriesContemplative Tourism

Torrontés Wine, Holy Water

Vineyards and wineries shelter the grapes that have made them famous all over the world. The torrontés, of white aspect, dark character and always dressed in fruit, has a matchless taste.

Tourism in Salta

The Province of Salta boasts a mild climate and the perfect charms to be chosen as a tourist destination. In addition to its natural beauties, the diversity of its denizens dazzles whoever comes along...


Yacochuya Winery

Yancochuya red wines, which grow over 2,000 m high in the Calchaquíes Valleys, have become a typical exponent of Argentinian enology in a few years.


El Esteco Winery, Premium Wines

This guided tour around one of the emblematic wineries in Cafayate is an excellent occasion to broaden our knowledge and taste <i>boutique</i> Argentinian wine.


Visiting Vasija Secreta Winery

An old winery opens its gates and leads visitors through the history of wine in Cafayate, from the grape harvest to the final bottling process.


Las Nubes Rural Estate

At the foot of El Cajón Hill, 5 kilometers away from Cafayate, Las Nubes Rural Estate is located. It is an exceptional piece of land enclosed by carob trees, cardons, terraces and millenary ruins...


Hiking around "El Divisadero" Ruins

Seven kilometers away from Cafayate to the Southeast, you can go around an old Diaguita- Calchaquí settlement and appreciate important vestiges of this Ethnos opencast.

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