Pottery in La Yesera

Only 20 kilometers from Cafayate, there is a pottery studio in the open air. It is located in a spot called La Yesera and it allows us to get to know the regional pottery works from the Argentinian North.

What Else Can Be Seen?

On this level, Route 68 presents a splendid view. Just a few kilometers before reaching the dunes of the winegrowing city of Cafayate, we have already left behind amazing places originated by wind and water erosion together with some supernatural force, delightful to our eyes.

As we go forward, we come across a diversity of geographical features.

Nobody can imagine that during almost all of his life, Roberto Duran has devoted himself, as well as his family, to the breeding of llamas and goats; but, above all his activities, to the production of pottery works in the open air.

  • A pottery studio in the open air

    A pottery studio in the open air

  • Signature dishes

    Signature dishes

Those who visit the region feel amazed when one of the turns of Las Conchas River presents a place in the world that does not go unnoticed to any motorist.

At La Yesera, a gypsum deposit, the small sign on the road which sometimes is quite difficult to see reads “Cerámica El Zorrito”. What is most amazing is a group of llamas scattered about eating sweet corn from the visitors' very hands.

A Pottery School

In addition to arising the interest of children, this place makes older tourists approach the fascinating world of the regional pottery works from the Argentinian North.

Vases, pots, casseroles, saucepans, plates, dishes and everything that can be made out of clay can be found there.

It is incredible that visitors can appreciate the whole production process: from the moment the reddish or grayish “mud” of the area is mixed up in equal proportions with the clay obtained from the river beds, to the moulding or designing or even the finale touches of every piece.

Tourists can observe how these works of art get dry before being painted by the craftsmen. Then, they begin to chose which and how many of the pieces will become part of their own homes.

The truth is that La Yesera and its colorful surroundings represent the last majestic spot which must be visited on Route 68 before reaching Cafayate.

Not only is La Yesera a handicrafts studio, but it is also a school in the open air where everyone can learn how typical souvenirs from the Argentinian North are made.

And of course, where the effort and the commitment made by these craftsmen can be aprreciated in every creation.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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