Photo Gallery of Cafayate

Iglesia Señora del Rosario
Iglesia Señora del Rosario (1)
Winery Museum in Cafayate
Winery in Cafayate (1)
Calchaquí Valley Parish Church
Parish Church in the Valley (2)
Colorful sceneries in Route 68
Colorful sceneries (1)
Lavaque Wineries
Lavaque Wineries (2)
Mortars of the Diaguita culture
Mortars (3)
El Esteco Winery
El Esteco Winery (2)
San Carlos Borromeo Church
San Carlos Borromeo Church (2)
Discovering the Devil's Throat
The Devil's Throat (3)
Calchaquí Town
Calchaquí Town (2)
La Rosa Winery
La Rosa Winery (1)
Polychromatic scenery, near Cafayate, De las Conchas Ravine
Polychromatic scenery (2)
Torrontés grape vineyard
Torrontés grape (3)
Singular shapes, reddish windows, De las Conchas Ravine
Singular shapes (2)
Torrontés waiting for the market
Torrontés wine (3)
Ancient tree in Colomé Winery
Ancient tree (2)
Stainless steel barrels, Lavaque Winery
Steel barrels (2)
Church cathedral in the late XIX century
Church Cathedral (2)
Land of good wine
Land of good wine (3)
Cristófani's Jars
The jars (2)
Divisadero Ruins
Divisadero Ruins (3)
First steps in the loom
First steps in the loom (3)
Tasting wine from Salta
Tasting wine (2)
La Rosa panoramic view
La Rosa panoramic view (3)
Northern postcard
Northern postcard (2)
Shaped by erossion
Natural amphitheater (1)
Traditional tourist estancia
Estancia Colomé scene (4)
Ancient La Banda Winery
Ancient winery (2)
Varietal aromas
Varietal aromas (2)
Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and quinoa cous cous
Colomé flavors (4)
Félix Lavaque Winery and Estate
Winery and estate (2)
Yacochuya red wine
Estates and vineyards (4)
Posing before a natural monument, the amphitheater
Natural monument (2)
Pottery (5)
Aeration (1)
Vineyards in the Calchaquí Valley
Vineyards in the valley (2)
Earthenware (1)
Goat herding
Goat herding (1)
Aging in barrels
Aging in barrels (1)
Cafayate Scenery
Cafayate Scenery (1)
Pots and jars from Salta
Pots and jars (2)
Whimsical formations
The obelisk (1)
Our Lady or the Rosary at night
Our Lady of the Rosary (2)
Local (1)
Wine tasting
Wine tasting (2)
Our Lady of the Rosary
Church Cathedral (1)
Picture partners
Picture partners (1)
Geological formations, De las Conchas Ravine
Geological formations (2)
Main road and National Route 68
Downtown (1)
Earthenware pots in the Calchaquí Valleys
Earthenware pots (1)
Tour around the vineyards and wineries
Vineyards and wineries (1)
Las Nubes Estate
Las Nubes Estate (2)
Impressive Los Castillos scenery
Los Castillos view (1)
The first step towards wine
The first step (1)
The Calchaquí Valleys vineyards
The vineyards (1)
From inside the amphitheater
Inner look (1)
Aromas and flavors of the wine from Salta
Aromas and flavors (2)
Alemanía had a train
Alemanía Village (1)
The Devil's Throat
The Devil's Throat (1)
Basket seller
Basket seller (1)
Tasting the wine
Tasting the wine (1)
Downtown (2)
On the way to Cafayate, The Titanic
On the way to Cafayate (1)
Crystal and red wine
Crystal and wine (2)
The amphitheater
The amphitheater (1)
Calchaquí Valley Estate
Valley Estate (2)
Clay handicrafts
Clay handicrafts (1)
The land of torrontés
The land of torrontés (1)
A landscape not to be missed
A landscape not to be missed (1)
Bars and bicycles in Salta
Bars and bicycles in Salta (2)
Vasija Secreta Winery
Vasija Secreta Winery (1)
Familia Lavaque in Argentinian winemaking
Lavaque family (2)
Monumental amphitheater
Monumental amphitheater (1)
A view of the square
A view of the square (1)
De las Conchas Ravine Scenery
De las Conchas Ravine (1)
Future torrontés
Future torrontés (1)
On the road to the Divisadero Ruins
Divisadero Ruins (3)
Yacochuya Vineyards
Vineyards (4)
<i>Estancia</i> Colomé features
Cardon at Estancia Colomé (4)
The locro is ready
Regional cuisine (4)
Church in De la Flecha Ravine
Church (4)
Yacochuya Estate
Classical estate (4)
Inside estacia Colomé
Interior (4)
Curious formations
De las Flechas Ravine (4)
Wine and flavor
Tasting (4)
White and rosé
White and rosé (1)
Ancient musical instrument
Ocarinas (1)
Wine ice-cream
Wine ice-cream (1)
Inside the Devil's Throat
Calchaquí color (1)
Music with natural acoustics
Melodies in the amphitheater (1)
Photos (1): Jorge González
Photos (2): Eduardo Epifanio ( )
Photos (3): Marcelo Sola
Photos (4): Karina Jozami
Photos (5): Pablo Etchevers