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Peaceful, with the sacredness of the siesta hour and its large boulevards, this city captivates visitors with its mountain range and the countless green shades of Libertad Square.

Just like most towns in Buenos Aires, the City of Balcarce moves to the rhythm of its main square, which in this case occupies nothing less than four formidable blocks. The linden trees contribute with the appropriate shade to let people rest under their branches and the pergolas covered with climbing plants add a romantic style to this spot, 407 kilometers away from the Federal District.

In the center of Libertad Square, stands the monument to the Republic, built on the Mayo Pyramid. Several statues and flowerbeds invite visitors to stroll about the area. The square is the main point of life in Balcarce: it is the place where the main festivals of the city are presented and where handicraft stands, mostly inspired in the car racing theme, are set up.

The most outstanding buildings in the city are concentrated around Libertad Square. Some of them are the Municipal Palace -built in 1929-, the fountain and the monument to Brigadier General Antonio González Balcarce - who was Second Chief of the Andes Army-, the Banco de la Nación Argentina (Bank of the Argentinian Nation), the Juan Manuel Fangio Car Racing Museum and the San José Church, built in Roman style in 1886.

  • Libertad Square

    Libertad Square

  • Bank of the Argentinian Nation

    Bank of the Argentinian Nation

  • Cerro El Triunfo Municipal Park

    Cerro El Triunfo Municipal Park

  • Municipal Historical Museum

    Municipal Historical Museum

Great Green Spaces

Located a few blocks from the urban shell (intersection of Avenues 31 and 32), the Cerro El Triunfo Municipal Park is the place where the inhabitants of Balcarce gather to enjoy their spare time.

This great green space has a bicycle circuit, an athletics track, an area for grills, a playground for children and a natural amphitheater where musical shows are presented.
Likewise, amid the thick vegetation of the park, stands the Municipal Historical Museum, with halls devoted to preserve the local historical-cultural heritage and halls for temporary exhibitions.

We recommend that you go along the winding uphill trails of the park, either by car or on foot, where you will find excellent panoramic views of the city and the mountains around.

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