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Multiespacio Fangio houses a gift shop, a theme café and a show including around 50 cars distributed into 3 levels.

One of the latest tourist attractions in the City of Balcarce for motor racing enthusiasts is Multiespacio Fangio.

Situated on 17 Street, between 16 Street and Nelly Avenue, in the City of Balcarce, this cozy and modern building lies close to the traditional Museum and features various theme spaces among which the Fangio Sport Café stands out.

A New Classic: Fangio Sport Café

Ever since a few years ago, Multiespacio Fangio has been the place where hundreds of motor racing enthusiasts from Argentina and the world gather up to keep learning about this incredible driver.

  • A theme café

    A theme café

  • Wide variety of items with the logo of the Museum

    Wide variety of items with the logo of the Museum

  • Tribute to the great motorsport

    Tribute to the great motorsport

  • A shopping

    A shopping

  • Street 17 between Kelly and 16

    Street 17 between Kelly and 16

The same building houses one of the most popular spaces inside the museum: Fangio Multispace, which summons hundreds of car racing fans from all over the world.

Inside this multiple space, which includes a shopping area, the theme coffee-house named Fangio Sport Café serves excellent gastronomy and has three stories where over fifty cars and a wide array of trophies may be observed.

Here is a small guide of the various models on display at Fangio Sport Café:

First Floor

Toyota Tagle MK III - IMSA GTP, owned by Juan Manuel Fangio II
Lola - Buick - Indy Light 1996, owned by José Luis Di Palma
Hyundai Top Race, owned by Julián Alfaro
Lola Mitsubishi, owned by Gabriel Furlan
Chevrolet Coupé 1939 TC, owned by Juan Manuel Fangio
Hudson Bestium 1927, owned by Domingo Bucci

Second Floor – Cars made in 1928 and onwards

Ford T ex Naranjo, owned by Juan Manuel Fangio
Ford T ex Nardi, owned by Juan Manuel Fangio
Chevrolet 1928 "Confirmed Champion", owned by Ayerza/Fangio
Plymouth Mecánica Nacional, owned by "Titi" Sticoni
Baquet Chevrolet 1928, owned by the Fernández Brothers
Plymouth Chassis, owned by Arturo Kruuse
Ford V8 TC "The Tractor", owned by Eduardo Casa
Chevrolet TC "The Little Red One", owned by Juan Manuel Bordeu
Chevrolet TC, owned by Erverto Rodríguez
Chevrolet coupé TC 1939, owned by Domingo Marimón
Baufer - Ford V8 TC, owned by Carlos Menditeguy
Chevrolet Nova "Chevitu", owned by Jorge Cupeiro
Moto Kreidler, owned by Vaifro Meo

Third Floor – Cars as from 1967

Alfa Sud 1976, owned by Ernesto Bessone
Peugeot 405 Mi16, owned by Carlos Menem (h).
Peugeot 504 TC2000, owned by Osvaldo "Cocho" López
Berta VW, owned by Osvaldo "Cocho" López
Cafetera "La Laucha", owned by Oscar Castellano
Ford Escort TC 2000, owned by Berta Sports
Dodge Coupé GTX, owned by the Suarez Brothers
Torino 380 W 1969, from the Nürburgring 84 hours
Torino MK TC "Liebre III", owned by Gastón Perkins
Peugeot 404 1966
Fiat 1500 1966
Fiat 1500 Coupé 1967
Crespi Fiat, owned by Eduardo Crovetto
Crespi Fiat, owned by Carlos Ragno
Crespi Fiat, owned by Juan Manuel Fangio II
Saab 96 GL, owned by Rafael y Astrid Hühta

Fourth Floor – Classic and Historic

Citroën 11 Light 1938
Peugeot 1906
Fiat 520 Six 1928
Ford 1940 4-door sedan / Bordeu Family
Plymouth 1928, owned by Fons/Fangio
Ford T 1927
Chevrolet "Six" 1928
Chevrolet 1940 Coupé
Vespa 400
Ford Cross Country "Courier" 1959
Dodge "Rampage"
Garelli de Vaifro Meo

Fangio Club Restaurant is located on the fifth floor and it is an amazing site with a terrace deck that features a panoramic view of the San Martín Square and the car loving City of Balcarce.

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