Shopping Center and Food Yard

Restaurants specialized in fish and seafood, steak houses, restós and coffee houses lure visitors with their decoration and attractive parasols that invite everyone to sit down outdoors.

When the summer comes, Valeria del Mar seems to awaken from long winter lethargy and its stores start to open until they give shape to a colorful conglomerate of spaces where there is a wide array of options for everyone.

We found Espora Avenue, the main commercial artery in the village, as soon as we arrived. We saw that this place concentrated all the activities outside the beach during the day.

Modern building with red tile roofs and shady green trees turn the downtown into a very pleasant place. Going shopping turns out to be fun and break with routine. Everything lies within walking distance, even wearing our swimsuits.

If we did not feel like cooking, we resorted to the take-out restaurant. If we needed some item at the cabin or the tent, or we had left our sun screen behind, the convenience store had the solution. If we needed a drugstore, we found one on Espora Avenue. We had to order the newspaper and check what time we were supposed o pick it up.

  • All the needs and whims of the summer

    All the needs and whims of the summer

  • Espora Avenue

    Espora Avenue

  • A major city

    A major city

  • Sweet delicacies

    Sweet delicacies

  • Reports for tourists

    Reports for tourists

Many nice stores located close to the beach and the accommodation venues tempted us with their sweet delicacies. In the afternoon, the cakes and tasty specialties served at one of the stores and a hot cup of coffee completed our vacations and made us forget about dieting.

Coffee houses, pizza restaurants and ice-cream shops converge on the corner of Espora and Azopardo Streets. Every day, we would stop on our way to the beach for an ice-cream for the children and a cool beer for us. A few meters ahead, an entertainment room helps spend the time and an empanada take-out is perfect o order dinner. Motorbikes and ATVs are for rent on the corner of Espora Street and the seafront.

The supermarket and the bakery on Espora Avenue may be visited year round but in the low season, there are some closed stores but park anywhere. This district only comes back to life the following season.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

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