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Tinogasta has everything, in the air, on solid ground, in the water and even underground. Paragliding, fishing, rappelling, sand boarding, hiking, mining tourism, canoeing, volcanoes, hang gliding.

Nature and adventure are the great protagonists in this District of Catamarca. Tinogasta is located to the southwest of the City of Catamarca and its surroundings feature the necessary characteristics for various kinds of sport activities related with nature.

For those who enjoy long walks, hiking is a booming activity in the area and has new supporters, just like mountaineering and the possibility of visiting huge volcanoes and mountain ranges. This is the reason why the region is called “Los Seimiles” (The Six-Thousand). There are more than a dozen snowed-capped peaks surpassing the 6,000 meters of height, a delight for mountain lovers.

Among them, stands Mount Pissis (6,793m), one of the highest volcanoes in the world and the second highest peak in America, the first being well-known Mount Aconcagua (Mendoza).

  • Tinogasta has everything

    Tinogasta has everything

  • Rappelling


  • Sand boarding

    Sand boarding

  • San Francisco Volcano

    San Francisco Volcano

  • Mountain bike

    Mountain bike

  • The huge dunes of white sand

    The huge dunes of white sand

Learning to Fly

“Flying” is undoubtedly the most frequent answer to the question of what one would want to do in another life, but, why should one wait until the next life when it is possible to do it in this one?

Due to this life philosophy, in the last few years, Tinogasta has become a Mecca for hang gliding and paragliding where today it is possible to get familiar with this magic world of sails, wings, thermals, and above all, feathers. There are many young people who have taken courses in order to learn how to fly alone, and also instructors who organize tandem flights for visitors who wish to enjoy this sky during their stay.

Adventure on Solid Ground

But Tinogasta is also an ideal place for those adventurers with both feet on the ground, who hope to enjoy nature without dizziness or those strange movements which occur in the air.

Sand boarding is one of the activities preferred by the young people who get to the huge dunes of white sand that surround the beautiful city. Near them, from the big rocks, it is possible to practice climbing, rappelling and zip-lining, among other activities.

Trout sport fishing is also a very popular activity in the rivers and streams of the area, especially near the San Francisco Pass, where fly-fishing becomes the protagonist. At this spot, it is possible to catch trout weighing more than one kilogram which show a tremendous fighting spirit when they are hooked, since they have never been in contact with men before.

Another activity which came into fashion among visitors is mining tourism. It consists in visiting old mines, many of them abandoned, to go down into the depth in search of the minerals which are there waiting for us, as we recreate the work of old miners.

4WD vehicles, wildlife mapping, canoeing, photographic hunting, horseback riding and an endless number of activities in contact with Mother Nature are awaiting the tourists visiting Tinogasta. Perhaps, these activities are the reason why words like “adventure” and “adrenaline” have been used to refer to this small but interesting city in Catamarca, which has more and more things to show and do.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: Nowadays, various tour operators in the city are in charge of making the practice of these activities possible. Each of the operators is a specialist in some of them, which creates healthy competition, and above all, they take care of the tourist.


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