Fiambalá Hot Springs

The Fiambalá hot springs lie a few kilometers from Tinogasta in a dream-like place that used to serve ancient peoples with medicinal waters. Today, it is totally worth visiting.

Water that Makes You Feel Good

Fiambalá, which in the tongue of the original settlers means “water that soaks into the mountain”, is a small town located a few kilometers from the City of Tinogasta. Apart from its benign microclimate and its warmth, the place has a unique spice that makes it ideal to visit: its hot springs.

In the natural pools that come down from the mountain, the water temperature ranges from 38º C to 70º C and its mineral properties make it highly valuable due to its healing and medicinal power.

Today, thermal healing is one of the most popular methods chosen by traditional and alternative medicine to solve respiratory, digestive, circulatory, rheumatic and skin disorders since water was, is and will be a synonym for health.

  • A dream-like place

    A dream-like place

  • The San Pedro Church

    The San Pedro Church

  • The main square

    The main square

  • Postal Fiambalá

    Postal Fiambalá

  • Parish Fiambalá

    Parish Fiambalá

  • Water that Makes You Feel Good

    Water that Makes You Feel Good

That is why this place is recommended by most of the physicians in Catamarca and the region. This has become a trend in the last years. Not only does the older generation visit the Fiambalá hot springs but also the young ones look for relaxation in its warm waters and to forget about the stress generated in the big cities.

A Tour around Fiambalá

Apart from the attractive hot springs, the small City of Fiambalá has certain attributes that guarantee a pleasant stay.

The area, which was baptized by its first natives as Pianwallá, today has a stable population of around 3,000 people distributed all through the town on both sides of the road leading to Tinogasta.

Huge olive trees and vineyards amaze visitors at first sight as well as the age- old adobe constructions that still stand and today are part of the Adobe Route, one of the most attractive in the province.

Apart from its hot springs, the San Pedro Church is a must visit. It is the main architectonic monument in the area. This colonial building also features paintings and images from the time of the Viceroyalty of Perú.

Likewise, the main church of town, the City Town Hall and the Weapons Headquarters are some of the places tourists can visit during their stay in town. There are other alternatives, other than water, to make your visit to Fiambalá unforgettable.

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