Adobe Horses

Horse riding around Tinogasta is the best way of getting closer to the origin and traditions of this phenomenal land full of secrets, legends and nostalgia.

The folklore of such an enterprise begins in the preparations before the tour, when it is necessary to saddle up our partner of adventures.

The explanations given by the guide include everything from the horses’ names and habits to details about the various breeds and coats. However, the great secret everybody wants to learn before riding is how horses should be treated. This way, they may make sure the animals obey every single order coming from the rider, who sometimes is experienced, and sometimes is not.

All these references are useful for visitors to get familiar with the horses and leave away their fears and prejudices. This previous information encourages riding and facing these magnificent landscapes, where adobe becomes a constant word.

  • The riding tour begins slowly

    The riding tour begins slowly

  • A relaxed atmosphere

    A relaxed atmosphere

  • Leave away their fears and prejudices

    Leave away their fears and prejudices

  • To enjoy a different kind of experience

    To enjoy a different kind of experience

  • Taking the reins

    Taking the reins

  • Guided horseback riding

    Guided horseback riding

Adobe: First Course and Dessert

In this region, the word “adobe” is as popular as the word “Maradona”. For everyone's pride, what has come to be known as "the Adobe Route" started here and became popular all through Catamarca. Getting submerged in this route on horseback is a must.

We are ready. The riding tour begins slowly. This is more about walking than galloping, to which we will soon get used to. There are people who like trotting, galloping and even running, while many others, on the other hand, prefer a gentle gait just to enjoy a different kind of experience. For these people, there are the noble horses. And that is what Tranco Manso is all about.

Tinogasta has very special spots to visit and almost all the organized horse riding tours head towards them. They may last from two to five hours, but there are others which last several days and riders may overnight in old shelters or in tents provided by the organizers.

Some of these spots are Mount Negro -which has one of the most attractive churches in the area- or almost unknown sites like El Salado, Cordobita and El Pueblito, among many others.

The Places

The most popular riding tour is the one that ends at Andacollo adobe church. This is an important part of the adobe route and one of the most beautiful spots to visit. Like the small church located in El Paso little town, it gives magic to a tour that takes us some centuries back in time.

A few years ago, these sites were neglected, but today they are fully recovered and praised by all the stories and legends emerging from them. And if on top of that they are visited on horse, the experience is magnificent.

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