A Horseback Ride along Costa 1

Tafí del Valle is the ideal spot for those eager to be shocked by breathtaking landscapes on horseback across narrow mountain roads, plateaus and gullies covered by high wildbrush.

When looking for a memorable experience, there is no better option than hiring Mr. Jerónimo Critto’s services. He will be in charge of showing the whole region from a different perspective.

On the departure spot, the horses awaited under a shady tree tied up to the tethering post for their new adventure mates.

These horses are the result of the mixture between criollo and Arabian blood born in this place, which provided more security. They were comfortably saddled up to make the three-hour ride easier for the tourists.

Destination: Costa 1. We set out and headed for the hills. Jerónimo was the local guide of this mini expedition and as a good guide he was the line leader.

In a few minutes, we had sorted out the first mountain slopes. During this ride, there was a chance to go past archeological spots which seemed to whisper stories and secrets from old native peoples.

As we gained height, the panoramic view of Tafí del Valle gradually opened up, like the slow zooming of a wide lens, and came into our senses. Certainly, Jerónimo wisely knew the road and took us over there.

  • Breathtaking landscapes

    Breathtaking landscapes

  • Narrow mountain roads

    Narrow mountain roads

  • The panoramic view of Tafí del Valle

    The panoramic view of Tafí del Valle

  • The ideal spot

    The ideal spot

  • Serrano horses

    Serrano horses

  • They were comfortably saddled

    They were comfortably saddled

The clever horses, used to carry riders of all ages, responded to the reins well. Little by little we started to get along with the animals and started to fully enjoy the ride.

We carefully listened to the account told by our guide, who was willing to reveal the history of Tafí del Valle. We learned that the origin of the name of this place came from the diaguita taktillakta indigenous language– “Town with a splendid entrance”, which was faithfully evidenced by the stunning combinations of hills and rivers.

On the road, some everyday life scenes came into our heads: one indigenous house dug up to be appreciated in its real dimension and the almost particular terrace crop fields worked by natives some time ago.

Jerónimo’s excessive responsibility at the time of adjusting the saddle and spur straps gave us some free time, so we quietly moved away, took a walk and also a few photographs.

However, it was unavoidable. The ride had to go on. Horses were ready to take their riders on their backs and together we climbed up by twisting a trail, which took us to the highest spot of this adventure. On the top, we could catch a glimpse of the awesome Calchaquíes summits.

We could see Mounts Pabellón,Pelaoand Negrito . Below us, like a sun mirror, we could see La Angostura dam – special scenery for sport fishing or the practice of water sports in summer. On the opposite shore, small houses from the town El Mollar plunged into the vastness of the beautiful valley.

After staring at the place for a while, we started our way back. We avoided some slopes, crossed creeks where horses drank some water and, before we even could notice, our riding adventure along Costa 1 had came to the end. We were feeling very excited and satisfied.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Gentileza Tafidelvalle.travel

Contact of the excursion or tour

Jerónimo Critto

Av. Critto esq. Pres. Perón (4137) Tafí del Valle, Tucumán

DifficultyDifficulty: Archaeology


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