Sauce Grande, An Unspoiled Beach

Featuring small size and wild nature, more and more people choose this destination for quiet and relaxed vacations.

Sauce Grande Beach is an extension of its neighbor, the City of Monte Hermoso. The features of its extensive beaches and colorful sunsets are the same. The only difference has to do with the number of visitors every summer and the services available.

The urban center of Sauce Grande is smaller, more natural and simpler. There are no tall buildings or nightlife. Tourists spend their time on the beach or practicing sports in the surroundings, including angling.

The first houses were used by the denizens of cities in Buenos Aires as summer residences. Afterwards, the campsites and cabin resorts that offer accommodation today appeared. The sandy streets house permanent as well as season stores selling essential items for a good vacation.

  • A serene landscape

    A serene landscape

  • Quiet and relaxing holiday

    Quiet and relaxing holiday

  • Wide beaches

    Wide beaches

  • The greatest reward

    The greatest reward

The village is full of trees and very quiet at any time of the day or night. If people search for more attractions such as a casino, disco or pub, they need to resort to Monte Hermoso.

For all these reasons, Sauce Grande is ideal for outdoors people who enjoy swimsuits and sandals and do not care for fancy outfits in the evenings.

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