Entre Rios Provincial Catfish Festival

This is one of the most important fishing festivals in the city. Famous for its cliffs, its indescribable sunsets and its people, Santa Elena is always an excuse to lure visitors into this event.

Every year during the last decade, the City of Santa Elena celebrate a new issue of the National Catfish Festival in Entre Ríos .

Santa Elena is one of the best fishing environments in northern Entre Ríos. It is well-known for its high cliffs, its islets and the extreme beauty of the Paraná River. As a result, thousands of anglers coming from different parts of the country are ready to enjoy this singular event whose protagonist is the "river chicken", as catfish is referred to in this region.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most outstanding festivals in the country, in which fishing is completed by friendly denizens and dozens of activities specially designed to please not only anglers but their families too.

  • River chicken

    River chicken

  • The main protagonist

    The main protagonist

  • The waters and islets of the Paraná River

    The waters and islets of the Paraná River

The fishing contest has been held for years in parallel with a handicrafts market and a complete agenda of musical shows with the most important artist from the Littoral area.

Rock, folklore and chamarrita along with typical food from this region are the perfect opening for this festival. In addition, local comparsas present their colorful floats contributing to the local carnivals year after year.

Once fishing begins, activities are held in the waters and islets of the Paraná River. However, the Queen of Anglers is chosen at night.

The following day, a comradeship lunch is served for all the participants. That is the ideal moment to have fun and tell anecdotes before the trophies, prizes and plates are awarded. Also, a motorboat is raffled among the contestants.

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