Tours and Activities in Santa Elena

  • Entre Rios Provincial Catfish Festival

    Entre Rios Provincial Catfish Festival

    This is one of the most important fishing festivals in the city. Famous for its cliffs, its indescribable sunsets and its people, Santa Elena is always an excuse to lure visitors into this event.

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  • Tourism in Entre Ríos, a different land

    Tourism in Entre Ríos, "a different land"

    No sooner is this province mentioned than we immediately think about the Littoral, the colors of its carnivals, the spectacular sizes of their fish, its benevolent hot spring waters and its beaches packed with visitors...

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  • Santa Elena Carnivals

    Santa Elena Carnivals

    During the Summer months, this town close to La Paz will celebrate its famous 2018 Carnival of Santa Elena, at the local Corsodromo...

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  • La Paz Carnival

    La Paz Carnival

    One of the longest-awaited regional festivals, the 2018 Carnival of La Paz, will be held at 25 de Mayo Boulevard on January, Saturday 6th and 13rd, and February, Saturday 3rd and 10th.

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  • La Paz Hot Springs

    La Paz Hot Springs

    Health, beauty and relax are already a part of La Paz. Ever since their opening, the thermal baths attract many tourists and local people who seek for an improvement in their life quality.

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