Traditional Restaurants

While on vacation, in addition to visiting the attractions close to the city, it is essential to get to know the specialties served at the best known restaurants.
Besides the styles of San Martín de los Andes, an interesting gourmet offer waits at each of its restaurants and steak houses in which the dishes are accompanied by good assistance and comfort.

El Mesón de la Patagonia

We were welcomed by Raúl and Juana Malé within a very pleasant cozy environment. They are the owners of this coquettish venue serving seafood. The menu included sole, prawn in garlic, shrimp, squid, squid rings as well as regional trout and salmon. Expert hands prepare each dish following elaborate recipes that ensure each product expresses its characters.

We ordered pulpo a la gallega and paella. Both choices boasted exceptional presentation as well as substantial servings. They had been cooked and seasoned perfectly well.
  • Regional trout and salmon

    Regional trout and salmon

  • Beef


  • Lakeshore


  • The specialties served

    The specialties served

  • Traditional Restaurants

    Traditional Restaurants

We were recommended wines to accompany each dish and they all turned out to be outstanding, as well as the quality of the ingredients. In addition, the polite customized assistance and the short wait contribute to the excellence of this venue.

La Costa del Pueblo

Featuring a privileged location right in front of Lake Lácar, this restaurant and coffee house is open all day and its menu offers a wide array of flavors. When it comes to lunch and dinner, its homemade food based on trout, bife de chorizo as well as venison or boar specialty captivates all customers. Its hearty breakfast and tea options are also famous.

We were impressed by its architecture made of wood and stone and its lit fireplace inside. We tasted its traditional picada regional (a tray of assorted cold cuts and cheese), accompanied by delicious craft beer. Desserts and wines perfectly match the dishes served at this venue, which shows off a view of its own and is visited by the local denizens on a regular basis.

Patagonia Piscis

This is one of the most popular steak houses in the city, both among locals and tourists. This is a clear sign of the quality of its products. It is usual to be tempted by its fire pit, located on the window, where meat and insides are cooked slowly for hours under the supervision of a master cook. Beef, lamb and chicken are well cooked and delight customers with their taste.

Once we ordered our dishes, we could observe that they have managed a good gourmet fusion between recipes cooked in the grill and on the stove. At our table, some chose some dishes made with beef, others went for homemade stuffed pasta with sauce, but we all agreed that all the dishes had been well managed. Regional and national wines as well as desserts made from exclusive recipes completed the main course.

La Barra

We resolved to have lunch at this famous restaurant in San Martín which displays a view of Lake Lácar and offers a menu full of specialties, including venison, lamb, trout and boar, homemade pizza and pasta. In the summer, the wooden deck is an invitation to enjoy a meal in the open air.

As we waited for our orders, we watched the waitresses coming and going, carrying delicious dishes on their trays. We rested assured we had chosen the right place to eat. The good presentation and the simple but tasty flavor of our dishes made us feel as if we were at home.

We had a look at the dessert list and we were puzzled by one of them. It is called “El lunes empiezo” (I’ll start on Monday). Its funny name reminded us of our constant promise to go on a slimming diet. As for wines, the list offers a selection of labels from wineries located in Neuquén, Mendoza and San Juan.

At each of these venues, a good meal ornaments any outing around the mountain, the lake of the splendid paths San Martín has to offer year round.
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El Mesón de la Patagonia
Rivadavia 885, (8370) , San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén
Tel: +54 2972-424970

Parrilla Patagonia Piscis
Villegas 598, (8370) , San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén
Tel: +54 2972-423247

La Barra
Brown y Costanera Lacar, (8370) , San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén
Tel: +54 2972-425459

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