Chapelco in the Summer

When the weather is fine, the ski trails become an attractive space to practice activities with the entire family.
In January and February, Mount Chapelco, located in the surroundings of San Martín de los Andes, becomes a scene for amusement and sports, which are practiced with the same adrenaline as ski and snowboarding are enjoyed during the winter season.

As we wanted to know what it was all about, we went up the mountain using the cable car. We reached 1,600 meters in a short but interesting journey. We saw the canopies of the lenga trees from above while we imagined the skiers rushing downhill.

We were impressed by the view of Lanín Volcano and Lake Lácar, which escorted us most of the time. The temperature was warm and invited us to take part in the summer games in which many people were already involved.
  • Patagonian slide

    Patagonian slide

  • Mountain bike down

    Mountain bike down

  • Most guys can go in tandem

    Most guys can go in tandem

  • Palestra


  • Shooting with bow

    Shooting with bow

  • Horseback riding

    Horseback riding

  • Mountain Bike Family Day

    Mountain Bike Family Day

We saw a group of hikers setting out on a guided tour. Their destination was the farthest distant spots people rarely reach. The coordinators divide hikers into groups according to age so as to make sure everyone is fit to walk without haste, enjoying the natural surroundings and having the chance to stop and take photographs.

Inside the woods, several zip-lining circuits have been set up. This attraction lets adventurers fly through the canopies while hanging from a safe wire. The landscape gets past fast and the sensations are amazing.

We wanted to experience the Patagonian toboggan and had to wait for a few minutes in order to access it, as many people usually choose this highly successful ride. When it was our turn, we let ourselves be carried away by the speeding and the zigzagging sled that led us downhill just like skiers do in the winter time. Kids can go down in tandem with some grown-up to guarantee their safety. After several rides, we felt as if we were children again.

There are also several mountain bike trails with different levels of difficulty. Some of them have been specially designed for beginners. Others, which include bumps and steep slopes as well as obstacles, are intended for experts. Thus, everyone has the chance to have a good time.

A competition known as the Mountain Bike Family Day is held at the end of the summer season. It includes categories according to age and skill.

Other attractions include a trampoline, a climbing wall and archery. Every summer, sports and recreation are present and available at Mount Chapelco.
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