San Marcos Sierras: the hippie town

A visit to this district is a journey back in time to the famous 1960s and 70s, when the hippies invaded the world with their codes, clothes and a very particular lifestyle. Today, a small city and its dwellers feel proud of those years.

Leaving from Capilla del Monte, there are two options to reach this location. One consists in following a dirt road that borders El Cajón Dam and then winds around the various mountain formations to lead to a dreamed-of village where every detail seems to have been considered.

The other way to reach this place is faster but not so adventurous. Following the main road leaving from Capilla del Monte towards Cruz del Eje, visitors may also get to this singular site in a matter of minutes.

No matter what road you choose, the final destination is the same. And it is worth visiting it without haste, wasting our time wherever we feel like, taking long, browsing the area once and again not to miss anything: that is what San Marcos Sierras is about.

  • A small city

    A small city

  • Road to Cruz del Eje

    Road to Cruz del Eje

  • Water and mountains

    Water and mountains

  • The bridge

    The bridge

  • The freshness of its river

    The freshness of its river

  • A large square

    A large square

A big square is the scenery where the timing and sounds of this small but charming hamlet parade. Little by little, the area started to lodge Argentines who, tired of the routine of the great metropolis, were looking for a radical change in their lives.

Thus, San Marcos Sierras -called “the capital of honey”- was once invaded by these new dwellers, who imposed their codes, their outfits and their philosophy of life.

Nowadays, San Marcos is what it is thanks to its new inhabitants: a unique place where sensations and feelings hard to find in other latitudes may be breathed.

Its streets made of dirt and cobble invite visitors to stroll for hours and as the sun sets and the temperature goes down, candles, light bulbs and all kinds of lights start to shine inside every house, as well as in all the stalls at the famous handicrafts market.

Some guitar or harmonica is heard as the stars come out slowly. Almost before anyone can notice, both denizens and tourists march into the streets and thousands of people crowd the pubs, the coffee-shops and the restaurants until dawn.

During the daytime, San Marcos Sierras offers various alternatives. Some of the most outstanding include horseback rides, hiking tours and there are some who dare to practice paragliding in the surroundings. As well, trout are fished in its rivers, where visitors may also go for a swim or freshen up.

One of the activities most people prefer is to visit the Hippie Museum, advertised by its owners as “the first hippie museum in the world”. Many are attracted to this venue.

But the first prize is awarded to the handicrafts made at every corner in this beautiful village. Hand-made, they feature really unique patterns.

A small creek is the natural boundary of the city, whereas the mountain range is in charge of protecting the area from the winds.

Ideal to have a rest, every visitor will try to stay longer at this attractive place. Whether we are hippies or not, harmony between the place and its dwellers is evident and worth enjoying.

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