Delight at Marcelino's Tavern

After a sea tour, there is nothing like being delighted by sea products at a very interesting gastronomic venue in the port of Rawson.

The navigation tour in search for Commerson's dolphins leaves visitors in a kind of magical silence. The blue Atlantic, the yellow fishing boats and the black and white dolphins bewitch, enrapture and fill human senses with sea charms.

For such reason, when travelers return to the port of Rawson after the show performed by the acrobatic dolphins, which includes jumps and somersaults, they may choose to extend the sea experience.

It is then that the palate is offered a visit to the best post in the port: Marcelino's tavern.

At Poseidon's Table

Ornamented with typical fishing folkloric items, Marcelino's tavern is located right in front of the port in the City of Rawson. The menu is very complete and varied but seafood and fish dishes have consolidated the venue's reputation.

  • At Poseidon's Table

    At Poseidon's Table

  • Sea products

    Sea products

  • Typical fishing folkloric items

    Typical fishing folkloric items

  • Sea fruit assorted tray

    Sea fruit assorted tray

Marcelino's Tavern was founded in 1971 by Ms. Guina de Luca Gonzales, the present owners' grandmother. Marcelino was the name of Guina's husband: Marcelino Gonzales, one of the first settlers, who arrived in the area in 1955 to take part in the construction of the northern breakwater.

Time goes by but the quality, hygiene and good assistance provided at this place have remained. It is recommended by all inhabitants of Rawson to travelers who ask for a good site to have a meal.

A glass cabinet displays the trophies obtained by the star waiter, Mr. Carlos Rocco, who was a champion in the regional waiters tournaments. He was awarded the title of South American Champion in 1982.

If customers are lucky, they will be assisted by this leading figure of local cuisine, who still waits tables at the tavern.

To start this gastronomic experience, customers are recommended to try the sea fruit assorted tray, which invades the table with over twenty five small casseroles made with octopus, cornalitos, squid rings, mussels, scallops, squids, salmon, winkles, silverside and various kinds of sauces to accompany these delicacies.

When customers finish the hearty starter, the main courses follow. The waiter recommends Rocco pollack, with pepper, cream, green onions and smoked bacon sauce, and a fantastic Spanish potatoes garnish on the side.

Finally, when it comes to desserts, the menu offers several options. However, we recommend a classic: homemade flan (custard) with dulce de leche (milk jam).

When the meal is over, visitors feel satisfied but regret living far away from the port as they could enjoy the delights served at Marcelino's tavern more frequently. We can assure that absolutely all customers promise to come back.

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Cantina Marcelino

Av. Marcelino Gonzalez 2474, Rawson, Chubut, Agentina

Phone Phone: +54 280-4496960

Opening hoursOpening hours: Open all week, both at noon and in the evening.
How to get hereHow to get here: In order to get to Rawson’s harbor, you must leave the city heading for Playa Unión along Av. Antártica Argentina for 7 kilometers. Follow the information sign posts.
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