Contemplative Tourism

Monumento Natural Ballena Franca Austral

Una de las experiencias más sobrecogedoras que los argentinos tenemos el privilegio de apreciar en nuestras costas marítimas...

Contemplative Tourism

Punta Tombo's Penguins

We visited the Punta Tombo Provincial Reserve where thousands of tourists gather here to see the penguins, which with their particular plumage seem to be wearing a tuxedo.

Contemplative TourismWhale watching

Southern right whale watching season

<p>The Golfo Nuevo is a privileged area on the Patagonian coast, where populations of southern right whales arrive for the breeding and breeding season of calves.</p>

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Walking among the Magellanic penguins in Punta Ninfas

<p>Estancia El Pedral offers a walk within the nature reserve that combines the country stay and a walk among the Magellanic penguins.</p>

Whale watchingContemplative Tourism

Whale Watching from El Doradillo Beach

El Doradillo is one of the few beaches in Puerto Madryn where the southern right whale may be watched from the shore.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Lamb National Festival in Puerto Madryn

This is a gastronomic event: Patagonian lamb becomes the main attraction in a singular festival.

Whale watching

Luxury on the Coast: Regina Australe Cruise

An unusual day on board one of the most delightful cruise-ships sailing in Argentina. The Regina Australe – Crucero del Golfo is ideal to see Puerto Madryn and its coastline.


SCUBA Diving and Snorkeling with Sea Lions at Puerto Madryn

The area hides extraordinary diving options. One of them is diving with sea lions, a classic in the region.


Classic Sea Specialties

Madryn is a synonym for sea, for good dishes made with fish and seafood freshly brought by the ships that <i>gourmet</i> cuisine prepares for our own delight.

Whale watchingContemplative Tourism

Whale Watching in Valdés

We watched the southern right whale. Among jumps and flutes raised over the water surface, we had an experience as singular as unforgettable.


Madryn`s Natural Science Museum

Known as “the castle on the hill”, the historical Pujol chalet houses the city Oceanographic and Natural Sciences Museum.


SCUBA Diving in Puerto Madryn

We dived in the Golfo Nuevo, one of the most coveted destinations in the world to practice this activity. Discover the Scuba Diving Capital in Argentina.

Contemplative Tourism

A Tour around the City of Puerto Madryn

We went for a ride around Puerto Madryn to show you one of the most important spots in the urban center.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Puerto Madryn Ecological Center

The Ecocentro Puerto Madryn is a site to know, perceive and enjoy the natural scenery generated next to the sea.

Tourism in Chubut

The Province of Chubut encloses two very contrasting scenes highly coveted by tourists coming from big cities: the mountain and the sea. In addition, it guarantees an endless variety of tourist attractions.

Contemplative Tourism

Elephant Seals at Punta Delgada Lighthouse

Among its many attractions, the Punta Delgada Lighthouse has an exclusive beach inhabited by a colony of elephant seals.


Modern Art Museum in Puerto Madryn

Crucial for local culture, the Modern Art Museum in Puerto Madryn offers a space to spread the work of the most outstanding regional artists.

Contemplative Tourism

A Ride around <i>Estancia San Guillermo</i>

The venue presents several activities for visitors to tour around and see the natural beauty of this site.

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Adventure Sports in Puerto Madryn

The rich geography of Puerto Madryn offers multiple proposals to practice sports in contact with nature.


Angling in Puerto Madryn

Madryn is the ideal place to practice various kinds of fishing all year round.

TrekkingBird watchingContemplative Tourism

Excursion to Punta Ninfas

We visited the Punta Ninfas. Among cliffs and ridges, we watched an elephant seal colony and walked over a bed dating from millions of years ago.

ArchaeologyPaleontologyContemplative TourismFishing

Sea Lions at Punta Loma Reserve

We visited the colony of South American sea lions dwelling in the Punta Loma natural reserve, one of the first protected areas in Chubut.

Contemplative Tourism

Tour around Puerto Madryn

This is one of the cities on the Patagonian littoral area most visited by tourists from all over the world due to the wonderful natural proposals it presents.

Off-RoadPhoto safaris

4WD tour to Mount Avanzado

We hired an excursion at a travel agency guided by expert drivers on vehicles well-equipped for this kind of journeys.

Contemplative Tourism

Interpretation Center on the Ameghino Isthmus

The Interpretation Center is located at the access of the Valdés Peninsula and it contributes the necessary information to understand life at the natural reserve.

Contemplative Tourism

Tour to the Florentino Ameghino Dam

The willows and the reddish walls that surround the Florentino Ameghino Dam break up the arid scenery of the Patagonian steppe.

Hotels and accommodations in Puerto Madryn

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