Lamb National Festival in Puerto Madryn

This is a gastronomic event: Patagonian lamb becomes the main attraction in a singular festival.

For years, the Patagonian Lamb National Festival has been held in the City of Puerto Madryn. All visitors immediately become tasters of this delicious banquet that has made Patagonia famous worldwide.

The first issue of this celebration took place in 1977 and Claudia Caballero (from the neighboring District of Rawson) was chosen queen. A year later, the festival went national and the elected queen was Vivian Elizabeth Thomas, from the City of Trelew. Back then, she was the First Lamb National Queen.

Ever since and until 2001, various issues were held but it was not until after 2007 that the festival started to be celebrated without interruptions. This happened when it began to be organized by the Municipality of Puerto Madryn, with the support of local institutions.

  • A gastronomic event

    A gastronomic event

  • A family event

    A family event

  • Election of the Queen

    Election of the Queen

  • This delicious banquet

    This delicious banquet

Patagonian lamb meat has been one of the most important dishes in Argentinian cuisine for decades and it is highly coveted by tourists from all over the world who come to Patagonia searching to taste this delicacy.

Today, this dish has its own festival and year after year it invites everyone to learn about its origin and development and all the men and women involved in this process.

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