La Docta (Feirinha de Puerto Iguazu)


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Feirinha de Puerto Iguazu. Av Brasil 530, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones

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Mobile +54 9 3757 463796

The atmosphere of the fair has the energy of a border town, with a lot of movement no matter the day or time. Those who have already passed by, say that the best time is in the afternoon and when night begins to fall.
The dishes most claimed by visitors and locals are the pundies, hearty and simple, with quail eggs and stuffed olives that give them the particular tone of La Docta, and the famous "picanha". This dish consists of quadil top slices accompanied by a dressing of garlic, rice or chips and farofa, which gives the share of Brazilian taste to the meal.
It is about enjoying everything that Puerto Iguazu offers with its costumbrista and folkloric mixes that make it so special.

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