The Secrets of the Stones

Learn the messages locked inside the rocks as you visit the “Piedra Cruz Sur” Museum. In a tour, the energetic richness of various minerals can be discovered.

The “Piedra-Cruz- Sur” Museum can be visited in Mina Clavero. It is a venue that combines the magic of minerals, art, peace and the dedication of its owners, who have made a great effort to make visitors feel at ease.

Unique in the entire Valley of Traslasierra (behind the mountain range), the Piedra-Cruz-Sur mini-museum was opened in the year 1985 by a private initiative. Mrs. Carmen Araceli Marín de Dreier, in love with the marvels of nature, the messages hidden by the stones and the energetic richness of minerals, started this collection that today includes a complete representative list with minerals from 25 countries.

In a visit guided by qualified staff, the origin, characteristics and formation of minerals are discovered.

  • Unique in the entire Valley of Traslasierra

    Unique in the entire Valley of Traslasierra

  • Among the rocks and precious stones

    Among the rocks and precious stones

  • The astonishment of children

    The astonishment of children

  • The messages locked inside the rocks

    The messages locked inside the rocks

Among the rocks and precious stones that may be found there, the amber from Poland stands out. Its formation dates back to 40 or 50 millions of years ago. The Romans would consider it a symbol of wisdom, virtue and divine grace.
Another attractive piece found in this place is the agate stone, from Brazil. Its color and size outstand. Also, there are stones such as the Indian apofilite, the fluorite with Chinese pyrite, the opal from Hungary, or the labradorite from Madagascar – to name a few.

As expected, the stones of national origin include the rhodochrosite or “Incan Rose”, which comes from Andalgalá – Province of Catamarca – in the “Capillitas” mines at a height of 3,300 meters over sea level. Incan mummies with rhodochrosite ornaments have been found in the area, which provides evidence that this stone has been well-known since ancient times.

Once the visit to the “Piedra-Cruz- Sur” ends, the inspiration and recreation hall can be visited. It is located at the back of the museum and is called “Lucero del Alba” (morning star).
Various works and paintings by Carmen Araceli, who discovered this other hobby when she turned 68, may be appreciated there. In her yearn for sharing this experience, she created an open space with the help of her family where her work can be contemplated.

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DurationDuration: 1 hour
Opening hoursOpening hours: January and February: from 9.30am to 1.30pm and from 4.00pm to 10.00pm.
March thru December: from 10.00am to 1.00pm and from 5.00pm to 8.00pm.


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