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<i>Traslasierra</i>, at the Foot of the <i>Comechingones</i>

As if forming a pearl necklace, the <i>Traslasierra</i> road joins several very old towns that offer a good choice to rest and enjoy natural life at the foot of creeks and mountains.

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Beach club in Mina Clavero

With a diversity of beach resorts and paradors, Mina Clavero is one of the most chosen destinations in summer to take a dip and enjoy outdoor activities


Bell Museum

A museum both particular and unique. Learn its history, its curiosities, its sounds and the thousands of shapes of the five hundred bells kept in this place.

Contemplative Tourism

La Viña Dam

33 Km away from Mina Clavero, you will find La Viña Dam. It is a monumental engineering work which astonishes visitors since it is really huge.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Quebrada del Condorito

Es el primer Parque Nacional en la provincia de Córdoba, creado en 1996 con el objetivo de proteger la naciente de las cuencas hídricas, de vital importancia en el territorio...

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Rocsen Museum

13 kilometers away from Mina Clavero - and 5 kilometers away from Nono - , you will have the chance of visiting special Rocsen Museum which shows 18,000 pieces belonging to all disciplines...

Contemplative Tourism

The Craftsmen’s Road

Craftsmen’s Road is the name of a group of people who have chosen craftsmanship as a lifestyle. Black clay ceramic crafts and loom knitting items are the main handcrafted goods found in this area...


The Secrets of the Stones

Learn the messages locked inside the rocks as you visit the “Piedra Cruz Sur” Museum. In a tour, the energetic richness of various minerals can be discovered.

Tourism in Córdoba and its mountain ranges

The Province surprises visitors with its countless attractions, framed by the mountain systems, its rivers and creeks, its green areas and woodlands, its mild weather and its unique natural scenes...

Contemplative Tourism

Water, the Crux of Life at Mina Clavero

Mina Clavero has the fortune of counting with several waterways that cross the city as well as its surroundings. They are part of its life and that of those who reach this nook to be comforted by its freshness.

Contemplative Tourism

When a River Becomes a Resort

The rivers in Traslasierra have always been the center of a lifestyle in which nature touches each of our senses almost without consent.

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