Southern Lack of Haste

A tour on foot around the downtown streets, the lake shore and the fruit producing farms gives evidence of the lifestyle of a town that lives without haste.

Getting to see downtown Los Antiguos does not take long. Everything lies within walking distance. Having permanent contact with nature, its denizens have learned to value quietness and contact with their fellow citizens.

We started walking along 11 de Julio Avenue and saw most gastronomic venues and public buildings. We found the handicrafts market and stopped to buy some souvenirs, including woodwork, pottery and woven items.

We spotted Uendeunk viewpoint and the Tehuelche Native Monument very close to the town hall. We did not hesitate to climb to its top, where we caught an imposing glimpse of the surroundings. Low constructions with typical gable roofs stood out amidst a thousand shades of green in the gardens, in the trees and the farms.

The waterfront is relatively new and it has been designed with ample promenades, coquettish street lamps and a sequence of benches facing the lake. As we sat on one of them, we had a wide vision of the whole scene and especially of that beautiful relaxation spot.

  • The long pier

    The long pier

  • Southern Lack of Haste

    Southern Lack of Haste

  • Municipality


  • South coast of Lake Buenos Aires

    South coast of Lake Buenos Aires

Two watercrafts were setting sail at the long pier. Their intention was to try their luck fishing. Both the lake and Los Antiguos River are part of the urban geography and turn out to be excellent fly-casting fisheries.

We continued walking and came to the modern bus station. we also passed by a very attractive playground and saw several murals made by local artists.

At certain points, we came across elements from the not so distant past. For instance, an old wooden cart with huge wheels rests at the garden of one of the local hotels. No one knows how many times it may have traveled the dusty roads and what it may have carried.

We came to the intersection of Los Antiguos River and Lake Buenos Aires, where we saw the Municipal Park, an ecologic reserve that protects regional wildlife. It is usual to see herons, ducks, chorlos, black-necked swans and the like. Likewise, some fish species breed within this environment, as its waters are temperate and calm.

The urban grid is neat. Some streets are paved and others are not. Contact with nature and a relaxed and friendly lifestyle are highly appreciated.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Karina Jozami


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