Uendeunk Viewpoint

Uendeunk Viewpoint features a view of the village and its surroundings which unveils its lifestyle in a very ample image.

Our hosts told us how to reach guests Uendeunk Viewpoint, which would give us an idea of the size and features of Los Antiguos. We should access a big metal staircase that starts at 11 de Julio Avenue, next to the Town Hall, and go up 70 meters to its summit.

We took advantage of the staircase landings to catch our breath. At the top, we caught a glimpse of the entire village and especially of its surrounding areas, populated by fine fruit farms. As the breeze stroke our faces, we could understand why those tree barriers protect the fruit plantations.

We were first impressed by Lake Buenos Aires, its blue waters and soft waves reaching the shore as a result of the prevailing winds. Famous for good fishing, several boats crossed its surface slowly as the men on board hoped to catch a good piece.

  • A huge monument to honor the Tehuelche native

    A huge monument to honor the Tehuelche native

  • 70 meters to its summit

    70 meters to its summit

  • "Good spirit"

  • This harmonious Andean village

    This harmonious Andean village

Los Antiguos has a micro climate and a fertile soil which favors the harvest of excellent cherries, raspberries, plums, pears, apricots and so on. From a distance, we noticed its urban grid, the presence of irrigation ditches, plenty of green spaces and sunshine. According to what we had been told, the best moment to take this tour is when flowers bloom and the tulip crops are at their entire splendor.

A huge monument to honor the Tehuelche native presides over the hill and seems to be staring at the horizon. It was the denizens of Los Antiguos themselves who resolved to give this viewpoint the name of "uendeunk", which stands for "good spirit" in this native tongue and is associated with birth.

A group of hills is cut out on the horizon and provides shelter for the village and the lake. Uendeunk Viewpoint has a significant scenic value and it certainly is a soothing outing.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Jorge González

Bear in mindBear in mind: In addition to the pedestrian access, there is a chance to drive to the top of the hill.


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