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The City of La Cumbre is special. Its geography is in perfect harmony with its cultural side and lets visitors tour around emblematic sites of which its denizens are very proud of.

National Route 38 features a big bend and some human-size letters reading "LA CUMBRE". The statue of the Virgin indicates the exact spot where visitors should turn right into the street that ends at the old railway station, which today houses the local Tourist Office.

But no one imagines that this place is really what it is. When toured around, when visitors get deep into its labyrinthic streets, everything becomes magical and everyone is invaded by countless sensations.

Its aristocratic architecture provides a magical atmosphere that leads to El Paraíso (The Paradise), the famous house once owned by Manuel Mujica Lainez. At this point, visitors can get a grasp of what this place used to look like during its golden age. Of course we immediately became aware of the celebrities who used to live here.

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    Department of Tourism

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    The old railway station

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    Magical streets

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    La Gran Aldea

  • La Cumbre has it all

    La Cumbre has it all

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    Serranas streets

Memorable grand houses, delightful endless lawns, hills that watch over the city so that everything remains in spite of the slow passing of time, flowers that spring after spring awaken aromas to sweeten the mountains.

La Cumbre has one of the best micro climates in the mountains of Córdoba. This is evident in the great number of families who have settled down there during the last few decades to breathe some fresh air and soothe conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, spasms and the like.

As indicated by its name –which stands for “the summit” in Spanish-, La Cumbre is the highest spot in the Punilla Valley Mountains, lying 1,180 meters above sea level. It offers unforgettable tours and natural circuits to practice the most varied activities both in the water, on solid ground or in the air.

Several swim resorts have become the center of attention both for locals and for those who visit the area in the warm summer months. El Chorrillo municipal resort, which includes two large swimming-pools on the riverbank, stands out.

A tour visitors should not miss is a visit to Manuel Mujica Lainez House-Museum, where lovers of literature will not only appreciate a perfect collection of the copies that make up this writer’s work, but also get lost in the rooms where his best stories were written.

Saint Roch’s Chapel or Christ the Redeemer are other tourist alternatives seen in all postcards, just like the Golf Club, located in a paradisiacal site in Sierras Chicas.

One of the most important paragliding spots in the nation lies on the other side: Cuchi Corral. There, when the weather conditions allow, a bunch of men play at being birds and on weekends they take down everyone who wish to become part of this special world on their first flight.

La Cumbre has it all. We just have to let ourselves be carried away by its sceneries and the quietness transmitted by its people.

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