Photo Gallery in La Cumbre

Handicraft from Córdoba In the core of joy The streets in town Craftsmen's way Cuchi Corral, and the lovers of free flying Old hotel Forever fall Shady paths Healthy transport Crystal-clear San Jerónimo Touring La Cumbre Waiting for the moment Pictures with flowers El Paraíso, Manuel Mujica Lainez's House Nestled on a hillside in <i>Sierras Chicas</i> Postcard from El Paraíso San Jerónimo River banks Mujica Lainez Foundation Weather vanes Tribute to Caraffa Paragliding in Cuchi Corral Tourist Office <i>La Gran Aldea</i> The most popular, motorbikes Manuel Mujica Lainez Decorated with bottles A tribute... Games in the water Beholding the valley At Manuel Mujica Lainez's Gardens and terraces 25 de Mayo and 9 de Julio Streets Pharmacy Famous hotel Famous <i>alfajores</i> The Railway Station City access Paradise gardens A ride through the sky 1,141 m above sea level Paragliding and <i>mate</i> Valley along which the Pintos River runs San Jerónimo River Curious and beautiful tourist village Enjoying January <i>La Urraca</i> Handwoven textiles <i>Café de la Recova</i> Little donkey from Córdoba Nature's scenery

Photo credits: Pablo Etchevers (1)
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