La Lucila del Mar, Smell of Teen Spirit

The low buildings with neat gardens, the broad beaches and the strong presence of old tree groves complete the beach and sport offers for the entire family.

Just like other seaside destinations that developed from a few built blocks in front of the Atlantic Coast, today La Lucila del Mar has become one with its neighbors: Aguas Verdes and Costa Azul. Yet, it continues to boast basic features: environmental awareness and harmonious growth.

We wandered around its ample beaches with bars that constantly renovate their activities, both during the day and at night. Many sports and tournaments held during the summer are organized at these beach bars. Its terraces gather visitors throughout the day and in the evening too, when the volume of the music is turned up and shows are held until the early morning.

A tour around the waterfront made us dream we would wake up at some of the houses overlooking the sea and welcoming sunrise, the sound of the waves and the classic salty breeze.

  • The Atlantic

    The Atlantic

  • For the entire family

    For the entire family

  • Play sea

    Play sea

  • The inevitable companion

    The inevitable companion

  • Cozy seaside resort

    Cozy seaside resort

We found the access to the pier on the corner of the Ocean Drive and Rebagliatti Street. This is a must visit even for those who do not practice angling. We walked along its 100 meters and observed the dedication of enthusiasts who had found their position near the wooden rails, holding their rods and choosing their hooks. We sat down at a table on the terrace of the coffee house to have a cool drink as an excuse to make visual contact with the horizon.

In the downtown, everything lies within walking distance. We could find all the necessary items to spend a day on the beach. We also visited the shopping mall and drank craft beer at one of the fashionable pubs. Thus, we discovered the activities we could enjoy on cloudy days.

The wood made up by pine trees, eucalyptus and poplars is worth a visit a few blocks away from the shore. At this location, we spent an afternoon in the company of friends, enjoying mate and the various aromas given off by the surrounding vegetation.

A cozy seaside village, La Lucila del Mar captures visitors with its simplicity and its appealing offers.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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