Salmon in Lake Cardiel

Visited by angling enthusiasts, Lake Cardiel is considered one of the most attractive scenes where good salmon compensate for the surrounding aridity.

It is well known that anglers usually cover thousands of kilometers to reach the longed-for water body that will provide them the pleasure of good fishing. In our case, National Route 40 left us almost at the gates of Lake Cardiel, habitat of good salmonidae.

To reach this spot, we had to travel rocky paths and roads where gray was all around. From a distance, we spotted the lake and felt thrilled to see the contrast in color: when allowed by the light conditions, its waters feature a turquoise hue.

Surrounded by hills and cliffs, it is fed by many mountain rivers of meltdown water and natural springs that emerge from the rocks. Its volume flows into the main river, the Cardiel, on whose eastern shore, the prevailing winds accumulate thick sands on an almost desert area.

It looks like a lunar scene, as the volcanic rocks of various brownish shades feature the different geologic actions of the past. We were told that the remains of reptiles and other species that ensure that the area was covered by sea water millions of years ago have been found in this zone.

  • The Salmon Festival

    The Salmon Festival

  • Surrounded by hills and cliffs

    Surrounded by hills and cliffs

  • The unique quietness it offers

    The unique quietness it offers

  • Our beloved Argentinian Patagonia

    Our beloved Argentinian Patagonia

Anglers usually tell the story of how the lake managed a great population of fish. It seems that in the 1940s, a plane that was carrying fries was heading for Lake Fagnano in Tierra del Fuego and was forced to get rid of the load due to a strong storm. It dropped the fish in this lake, still unknown, and accidentally planted salmonidae in the Cardiel for good.

Every year in Easter, the Sports Office of the Municipality of Gobernador Gregores organizes the Salmon Festival at Lake Cardiel. Anglers from all around arrive in this area to catch some salmonidae, including rainbow or fontinalis trout or landlocked salmon, all of them featuring good size. Several individual or team fishing categories for both genders and youths are available. Fishing enthusiasts on kayaks have requested that this new category be added to the festival.

We enjoyed the potential of this lake and the unique quietness it offers. Maybe this is due to the long distance that separates this lake from the rest of the world. We personally considered that our expectations were far met as this lake that has been named after Jesuit priest José Cardiel represented a challenge for our tours around our beloved Argentinian Patagonia.

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How to get hereHow to get here: It stands 70 kilometers away from Gobernador Gregores, following Provincial Route 29 towards the west and 12 kilometers from the crossroads with National Route 40.


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