History of Gobernador Gregores

Gobernador Gregores is the head of the District of Río Chico, in the Province of Santa Cruz, and lies 85 kilometers away from Lake Cardiel. It was created at 280 meters MSL by Austrian immigrant José Kuney Posne, who had survived the executions that took place in 1922. He resolved to settle down his blacksmith shop on the river bank, thus giving origin to the first housing unit in the village. This house was made of wood and covered with tin plates made from the 20-liter fuel cans that could be obtained in the area back then.

Later on, the first denizen of the area was joined by other traders, among which were Mariano Pejkovic, Francisco Salinas and José Chalub. And it was not until 1925 that the government of the National Territory decided to name this region: Cañadón León, as a tribute to the name the settlers themselves had started to use to refer to this location, due to its proximity to the gorge where numerous cougars -very similar to lions- could be found. In1938 (when the first Neighbors' Committee was found, then presided by Luis Sánchez, a local dweller), a 1,000-hectare urban grid was established.

Finally, in 1958 the place began to be called Gobernador Gregores by express wish of the settlers. They wanted to pay homage to lieutenant commander Juan Manuel Gregores, who had been governor of the province.

Featuring cold and dry climate, Gobernador Gregores is the seat of the Homemade Jam Provincial Festival, organized by the local Culture Department and the Association of Small Agricultural Producers. This celebration is aimed at encouraging the production of regional homemade jam, jelly and marmalade.

Gobernador Gregores has become an ideal rural tourism destination after countless estancias have opened their gates to visitors coming from all round the country and the world. Tourists may stay at the estancias -many of which are historical sites- and enjoy a wide array of countryside activities ranging from horseback rides to fishing outings and hiking tours around the natural scenic attractions.

Fly-fishing is popular in the area, especially in Lake Cardiel, which features a huge number of salmon and trout. Tulips grown in this region decorate and highlight the local scenes.

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