Excursion to Piedra Parada in Esquel

A place like no other: a stone rising over 200 meters above the steppe is the perfect excuse for a ride and –why not?-for a dose of adventure.

Not many kilometers separate Esquel from Piedra Parada Protected Natural Area, a magical nook in the Patagonian steppe where a stone rises proudly over 200 meters above the ground. It amazes watchers and invites adventurers to face the challenge of climbing it, provided they have previous experience.

We left the city of Esquel and followed Route 40. After 17 kilometers, we took the detour into Provincial Route 12. We traveled another 65 kilometers and took a gravel road that leads to the village of Gualjaina, very close to Piedra Parada -which stands for “Standing Stone” in Spanish. We went to this location by car but shuttles may be hired at the local travel agencies, which also provide lunch boxes and specialized guides.

This huge stone, which formerly constituted the wall of a volcano, is bordered by the Chubut River and offers the ideal scenery to enjoy trekking and gorgeous panoramic views. The site also features cave paintings.

  • A place like no other

    A place like no other

  • Piedra Parada Protected Natural Area

    Piedra Parada Protected Natural Area

  • A stone rising over 200 meters

    A stone rising over 200 meters

  • Formerly constituted the wall of a volcano

    Formerly constituted the wall of a volcano

On the other side of the Chubut River, the place known as la Buitrera (the Vulture’s Colony) or Great Canyon may be seen. This is a 6-kilometer-long area where the river runs between walls over 100 meters high.

But those who are experienced in this kind of activities will find that the rock offers other possibilities: a steep but fascinating ascent. It is worth the effort.

The first climbing tour is called “Slow Dream”. It climbs for 240 meters. The second stretch is called Big Bang and may reach 248 meters, following a more exposed route.

The next part is only for those who want more after the two previous stretches. It is called “A Long Way Home” and it requires a higher degree of technical knowledge.

Every second at Piedra Parada is to be enjoyed, no matter the height. Reaching the top is an impressive experience. However, there are also other activities for all kinds of visitors who wish to seize what this place has to offer without increasing the prescribed amount of adrenaline.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Gentileza Esquel.tur.ar

Tour typeTour type: Rock-climbing

DifficultyDifficulty: Medium


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