A Treasure for Fishermen

A bucolic environment and the plentiful Limay, which brings good trout specimens, are ideal characteristics to enjoy a day fishing in the valley.

A riverside willow land spreads on the banks of the Limay. For connoisseurs of fly-fishing, this is “the place” in the valley where they want to be.

Not only is the Limay one of the most plentiful and important waterways in the Patagonian region, but it also features singular characteristics for fishing in its middle stretch, which spreads along 70 kilometers.

The one-meter-per-kilometer slope and the generous course make it possible to catch rainbow and brown trout ranging between 700 grams and 2.5kg, as well as perches, Patagonian silverside, catfish and madrecitas del agua, which are also valuable catches.

In order to reach the mid Limay, take National Route 237, which joins the City of Neuquén with Bariloche, and then take any detour in the access area. After getting past Villa El Chocón and Ramos Mejía Dam, Picún Leufú is reached. In this spot, there is a public access to the mid Limay.

Along the road, there are also several accesses located in private estancias and, therefore, special permissions have to be obtained. One of these spots is the place known as El Pantanito, 11 kilometers after Picún Leufú. This is a very popular spot at the end of the season, as it summons large brown trout going upstream.

After El Pantanito, there stands La Picaza, 10 kilometers to the South. At this bend, the Limay is more accessible and features very good fishing conditions.

  • The plentiful Limay

    The plentiful Limay

  • Fishing in the valley

    Fishing in the valley

  • A paradise for the fisherman

    A paradise for the fisherman

  • A bucolic environment

    A bucolic environment

The access known as Bajada Colorada, 22 kilometers to the West, is an inexpensive pass, though it is convenient to reach it on a 4WD vehicle in order to wade the Taux arm in the direction of the Limay. The Neuquén Fly-fishing Association has the aim to recover this place, which has been depredated by negligence and lack of local control.

At ex Auca Cayin Zoo, located 18 kilometers to the Northwest of Piedra del Águila following Route 237, there lies another famous access which, despite the desolate scenery, promises good brown trout.

As far as the equipment is concerned, the mid Limay is very appropriate for 6 or 7 quick action rods, with ST extra quick sinking lines. The “dry” flies are the best for this spot, whether Irresistible and Yellow Humpy, Goodard Caddis, Sparkle Dun or Tucuras and Madame X imitations. Furthermore, streamers such as the Rabbit, Wolly Bugger, Matukas and Marabou Muddler ranging from #2 to 6, preferably those with wool heads in olive green, chestnut or black combined with pearl or orange shades, may also be chosen.

With the right equipment, anglers may enjoy an excellent day fishing at any of the spots on the Limay River.

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