Near the Dam

The Arroyito Dam offers an attractive landscape that breaks with the monotonous steppe. A special choice to spend a day with the family.

The dams and dikes built on the Limay River have modified the arid landscape of the steppe changing its shape and color. An instance of this is the Arroyito Dam, which carries bluish green waters and lodges leafy vegetation and varied bird species: everything necessary to become one of the most attractive spots in the area.

To reach this place, travel around 56 kilometers along Route 22 in the direction of the capital of Neuquén, where the indicated detour is located.

The vibrant turquoise of the lagoon formed when the arid materials were extracted to build the dam makes contrast with the green of the trees.

Biodiversity is represented by a considerable number of ducks, thrushes, mockingbirds, swallows, seagulls, egrets, cormorants, black-necked swans and avutardas which dwell in the surroundings and are object of bird-watching tours and photographic safaris.

  • Arroyito hydro-electric dam

    Arroyito hydro-electric dam

  • The Limay River

    The Limay River

  • Bluish green waters

    Bluish green waters

  • The campsite

    The campsite

The campsite lies in the right place, on the banks of a beautiful creek sheltered by the willows and the poplars, which provide shade and protection. The mild scenery and the infrastructure of the place invite visitors to spend the day, enjoy a picnic or a delicious asado and then relax. The proposal is completed with a visit to the Arroyito hydro-electric dam, which features a 39-square-kilometers reservoir. The view is very pretty and it lets visitors appreciate the significance of this engineering work for the entire area.

All this tour may also be enjoyed in an amusing and challenging mountain bike circuit which may be scheduled from the city or other spots such as Cipolletti or Neuquén.

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