Tours and Activities in Chilecito

  • A Spiritual Trip

    A Spiritual Trip

    We went on a religious tour in the surrounding areas of Chilecito. We visited the most important churches and temples in the Department in an excursion full of faith and mystique.

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  • Borgiolo olive oil

    Borgiolo olive oil

    We visited the Borgiolo olive oil factory and learned about the manufacturing process of one of the tastiest and healthiest oils produced in Argentina.

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  • Fire Walls

    Fire Walls

    South of Chilecito, a cornice road flanked by deep valleys and narrow gorges takes us towards colossal deep red walls. We visited Cuesta de Miranda.

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  • Samay Huasi, a Place to Rest

    Samay Huasi, a Place to Rest

    The Samay Huasi ranch opens its doors to visitors who want to enjoy this beautiful place in La Rioja just as his owner, writer, teacher and politician Joaquín V. González did.

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  • The Wine Dream

    The Wine Dream

    We visited the Cooperativa Vitivinifrutícola de La Rioja Ltda. winery and learned everything about the virtues of these valleys for the production of excellent wines.

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  • La Mexicana mine

    La Mexicana mine

    In the hills of Famatina, nature mingles deep valleys covered in green, golden water rivers and thawing crystal clear creeks. This is the adventure of hiking the mountain...

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  • San Francisco Mill Museum

    San Francisco Mill Museum

    San Francisco Mill Museum may be visited at Chilecito, where interesting works and elements that bear witness to the past and present of the local denizens may be discovered.

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  • Tourism in La Rioja

    Tourism in La Rioja

    The Province of La Rioja features dreamed-of scenes in the Andes Mountain Range which turn out to be perfect for adventure travel and outdoor activities.

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