Samay Huasi, a Place to Rest

The Samay Huasi ranch opens its doors to visitors who want to enjoy this beautiful place in La Rioja just as his owner, writer, teacher and politician Joaquín V. González did.

Two kilometers from the downtown area in Chilecito, we found the ranch that once belonged to Mr. Joaquín V. González.

This property, today turned into a museum and hotel by the National University in La Plata (UNLP, its acronym in Spanish), is a true oasis in the middle of the hills of Chilecito inviting tourists to walk through its stone porch and enjoy this beautiful place in La Rioja. There is no doubt that the well-known legal expert found inspiration in this place more than once.

Joaquín V. González decided to call it “Samay Huasi”, which in the Quechua tongue means “resting place”. The remarkable Argentinian hero used to visit these lands to meditate surrounded by lush nature. In the park of old trees, González drew avenues, planted fruit trees, took care of flowers and had his own orchard.

Along Avenida de las Rosas (Roses Avenue), we can find the phenomenal statue of González with a thoughtful look upon its face. At the back, we found stone stairs carved by González himself leading to a view point. Also, a natural hole on a rock where the owner used to write and rest can be seen.

  • Beautiful place in La Rioja

    Beautiful place in La Rioja

  • The phenomenal statue of González

    The phenomenal statue of González

  • “Resting place”

    “Resting place”

  • The ranch that once belonged to Mr. Joaquín V. González

    The ranch that once belonged to Mr. Joaquín V. González

The grand house of Samay Huasi used to belong to La Carrera Ranch, owned by the English miner Guillermo Treloar. Since Treloar was a close friend of González’s, he decided to pass his property onto his friend at the time of his death in 1913.

The house bears a colonial style and parts of it have been refurbished as lodging for teachers and students from all national and foreign universities.
After González’s death, the property became part of the UNLP, which took charge of paying tribute to his former owner.

Inside this beautiful place, visitors can enjoy a visit to My Mountains Regional Museum, which houses Antonio Alice’s picture collection with important masterpieces by famous national painters, and the Natural Sciences, Mineralogy and Archaeology Room, which displays minerals, animals, plants and artifacts made by the natives.

Inside the house, two rooms are meant to reflect the life of the writer of the Labor and Mining Code. His bedroom is recreated in one of them, with some of his personal belongings. The second room is an iconographic room where various portraits and photographs of González are displayed together with some papers written by the founder and first president of the UNLP.

Finally, the stables of Samay Huasi have been turned into bedrooms and rooms surrounded by beautiful galleries. They are meant to be used by the UNLP members but, in the high season, they are open to visitors.

We suggest visiting this beautiful house which is loaded with objects, stories and feelings of this distinguished Argentinian character.

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