Photo Gallery in Chilecito

Enigmatic Miranda Slope View of Chilecito 4WD at the gold mine Mountain oil painting From the roof Night ceremony Winegrowing cooperative Spectacular Miranda Sulfur gush Beholding cactus Under the Famatina Cable Car Museum Impressive ravine Postcard from Cuyo Crossing at La Rioja Square at La Rioja Saint Francis' Mill Museum Cuyo's past Colossal walls Sweet temptations School at Cuyo Famatina Valley Town Hall Handicrafts market Authorities at the procession Red hot Tribute to Vicente Bolloli Curves layout Legendary church Spectacular mountain road Miranda, valleys and narrow passes Regional specialties Gold vestiges Square at Chilecito Pious city Olives Church from 1902 Caminito Street Arid path at La Rioja Christ the Redeemer Multicolor mountains Chilecito's Coat of Arms La Mexicana Mine 4WD crossing Imagery Winegrowing cooperative Cactus texture Saint Rita, Church Saint Roch Inti Huasi's Grotto Joaquín V.González Monument Mountain road Door from 1764 Apparition... Surrounded by ocher, green, red and blue hues

Photo credits: Marcelo Sola (5)
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