La Serranita Recreational Park

La Serranita Recreational Park offers games and fun for the whole family in a quiet and serene environment like the valley that surrounds it. Time to share
La Serranita is a destination of streets and serene landscapes, surrounded by the mountains of the Paravachasca Valley, in the department of Santa María, Córdoba. Alta Gracia is the head of the department, located 15 km north on Provincial Route 5. La Serranita Recreational Park is located in this mountain area, with options for the whole family.

Turn and turn
It is a place designed to spend the day with the family, with activities that ensure fun and recreation for several hours. They are outdoor games, in a natural environment with log and stone constructions.

There are infinite amount of games, there will be no time to get bored. From the usual classics like the treasure hunt, the giant slide, the shuffleboard, the domino, the ladies, the hopscotch, and the field games like the toad, the tug of war, the jumping race, the horseshoe, to the games of ingenuity and logic. Getting lost in a green maze, spinning the wheel and seeing what it plays in the twister, solving the tower of Hanoi and the cube, discovering the hidden word, begging for luck in the generala are challenges for all tastes.
  • Labyrinth


  • Giant chess

    Giant chess

  • Playground


  • Senku


  • Circuit


  • Mini golf

    Mini golf

  • Labyrinth


As if that were not enough, a mini-golf and archery to practice a great sport, pool to play with the feet, the ingenuity put into play in the senku, the coordination with the triangle, the secret of the lock, the strength of the gladiators, the chess logic, visual acuity in the game of memory and tangram, all the vertigo in the circuit for the little ones, a refreshing rain with water jets, and many more games.
Despite having natural slopes due to its geographical location, the park is planned with the necessary infrastructure so that people with disabilities can also easily access. It has emergency service coverage if necessary. Visits are organized for initial and primary level schools and corporate events.

The town of La Serranita has all the Cordovan charm, ideal for relaxing and taking walks and walks through the rugged surroundings of Creole willows, felling and carob trees of the Second River. The lush green blends with the low horseshoe-shaped mountains, and summer is enjoyed with the gentle freshness of the beaches, the warm waters of the river and adventure activities.

La Serranita Recreational Park is a place to have fun, spend time with the family, play with the kids and share a time of Cordovan nuances. It is open Saturdays and Sundays for the general public.

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