Photo Gallery in Alta Gracia

Honorable tribute, Che Guevara's Museum Founded in 1908, Sierras Hotel & Casino Built in 1659, the oldest dam in the province, the Tajamar Seventeenth-century Jesuit residence Square opposite the Jesuit Estancia Che Guevara's former home Viceroy Liniers' window Opposite Ernesto Guevara's house and museum Access to the honor yard, Jesuít Estancia, Alta Gracia Bus station The clock and the tower, built in 1938, Alta Gracia Classic home in Córdoba By the Tajamar, Alta Gracia Facing the Honor Yard, Jesuit Estancia Leandro N. Alem, tribute in Alta Gracia Jesuit Estancia National Museum in Alta Gracia and Liniers Viceroy's House Ernesto Che Guevara A stop at Alta Gracia's square Breakwater made of stone, lime and sand. Hydraulic system: the Tajamar Original bicycle, Ernesto Guevara toured America. Che's Museum Ornamented rooms at the Jesuit Estancia in Alta Gracia VillaNydia, Che's House La Soberbia Steak House The blacksmith's, at the Jesuit residence backyard Alta Gracia in favor of human behavior Scale model, Jesuit Estancia National Museum Father Domingo Viera, tribute paid by the people and government of Alta Gracia Museum formerly housing the Guevara family Staircase at the Jesuit Estancia Shores of the Tajamar Letter to his children, Ernesto Che Guevara Jesuit architects in the construction of the Estancia of Alta Gracia 100, Domingo Viera Street Jesuit Estancia church, an example of American Baroque Deep homage to the child, the friend, the universal figure: Che Centillero, 6-light candelabra, Jesuit Estancia National Museum World Heritage, Jesuit Estancia in Alta Gracia Fishing in the Tajamar Blacksmith and collective mortar, backyard of the Jesuit residence Reflections from ancient times Curved walls, Jesuit Estancia church Our Lady of Lourdes, church Galleries and rooms, House of Liniers, Viceroy Scale model, Jesuit Estancia National Museum Sierras Hotel & Casino VillaNydia, Che's House Postcard from Córdoba Childhood home, turned into the Che's Museum The Tajamar behind Bed chamber at the Jesuit Estancia National Museum

Photo credits: Eduardo Epifanio (142)
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