Photo Gallery in Alta Gracia

World Heritage, Jesuit Estancia in Alta Gracia Sierras Hotel and Casino Dam built by the Jesuits in 1659, the Tajamar Jesuit <i>estancia</i> Che Guevara's former home National Historical Monument, Jesuit Estancia Ernestito, Che Guevara's sculpture Room at the Jesuit <i>estancia</i> The galleries and the yard, Jesuit Estancia, Alta Gracia Jesuit <i>estancia</i> patio Donkeys at the main square Che Guevara Museum Jesuit <i>estancia</i> Alta Gracia Railway Museum El Tajamar from a window at Viceroy Liniers' house rnesto Che Guevara, to his memory and his life Town Hall Bedroom at Viceroy Liniers' house Dyke Old eighteenth-century Jesuit residence Main access to the hotel and casino Galleries and rooms, Viceroy Liniers' house Ducks at the dyke Honor yard, Jesuit Estancia Pizza restaurant Fishing at the Tajamar Tourist information at the foot of the clock in Alta Gracia Identical model, motorbike used by Ernesto Guevara Semi-circular arches, architecture at the Jesuit Estancia Legendary Sierras Hotel Ernesto Guevara at different times Religious art, Jesuit Estancia National Museum Photos of the Jesuit Estancia in Alta Gracia Access to the City of Alta Gracia Jesuit Estancia church The Comechingón, first dweller of our land, Alta Gracia Avellaneda Street, Carlos Pellegrini neighborhood Viceroy Liniers' house, Jesuit Estancia, Alta Gracia Hydraulic system, the Tajamar Sierras Hotel &amp; Casino Well at the Jesuit Estancia, Alta Gracia House in the Carlos Pellegrini neighborhood Our Lady of Lourdes Sanctuary Pigeons on the Jesuit Estancia walls Viceroy Liniers' house Manuel de Falla Museum Well at Jesuit <i>estancia</i> Inside Che Guevara's Museum Corridor at Jesuit <i>estancia</i> Inside the Jesuit church

Photo credits: Eduardo Epifanio (142) RFC - (42) Marcelo Sola (5)
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