Villa Nougués

Villa Nougués is seems to be a different country. Some old grand houses, a small chapel, and a few inhabitants make it a unique place.

Long Live the Yungas

About 25 km West of the City of Tucumán is the beautiful and picturesque town of Villa Nougués surrounded by hills and the rainforest.

In order to reach it, visitors have to go through a dream-like road across the yungas and the most humid hills of the Province of Tucumán.

After leaving the town of Yerba Buena, visitors begin to go up, curve after curve, until they reach the giant Cristo Redentor (Redeeming Christ) which anticipates the summit of Mount San Javier and from which they can appreciate the immensity of the capital of Tucumán.

  • Seems to be a different country

    Seems to be a different country

  • Go through a dream-like road

    Go through a dream-like road

  • Surrounded by hills and the rainforest

    Surrounded by hills and the rainforest

  • The Town Chapel

    The Town Chapel

  • Inauguration in 1904

    Inauguration in 1904

  • Hidden in the landscape

    Hidden in the landscape

  • San Pablo

    San Pablo

From those hills -which reach over a thousand meters of height- there are incredible, panoramic views of the city. There lies the huge Hotel Club Sol which attracts people to pull over and stay to watch the daily flights of hang gliders.

Villa Nougués, a Place

Further down the road, the hills come nearer and the clouds take control of the horizon. The rainforest becomes more than dense and it is necessary to slow down in order to continue. That is how little by little visitors start to notice some constructions and old grand houses that the yunga and the clouds unveil in some clearing or other.

When reaching the highest part of the road, there lies a tiny little town that since its early days has gathered the most traditional families in Tucumán: Villa Nougués. This village was founded in 1899 with the construction of the summer house owned by engineer Luis F. Nougués, a sugar cane industrialist and an outstanding public man in the region who ruled the Province of Tucumán between 1906 and 1909.

Since its creation, the place has enjoyed some magic and mystique. According to some settlers, some strange characters hover the roofs of the residences.

The Foundation Stone

Villa Nogués Inn is the main residence in the village. The foundation stone of the whole town was symbolically placed there by Luis Nougués in 1903. The rest of the residences in the area are either owned by the Nougués family or by friends, since in that small place there are only 120 permanent inhabitants.

The cave called Virgen de Lourdes, the suspension bridge and the Town Chapel, where weddings have been held ever since its inauguration in 1904, are some of the places visitors should not miss if they want to explore the village. Its traditional golf course is also a must. Fans from all over the country get together there for games and tournaments.

At present, 80-year-old José Agustín Terán Nougués, grandson of the village founder is still alive. He can tell the stories of the place and the whole province to anyone visiting the inn.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

Bear in mindBear in mind: The five-o’clock tea is traditional at the inn. The place may be reached by car or by the local bus line covering that area.


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