Things to do in San Miguel de Tucumán

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A Museum for Pachamama in Amaicha del Valle

A tour around local history, the natives who dwelled this area and the impact of the arrival of the Inca people first and of the Spaniards later.

Contemplative Tourism

City of Independence

San Miguel invites to discover its past leading to a better understanding of the present by just walking around a few blocks in the historical center.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Campo de Los Alisos

En medio de las yungas, enclavado en las altas cumbres del Aconquija, la prolongación austral de los cerros calchaquíes, el Parque Nacional Los Alisos encierra riquezas naturales y culturales.


Rappelling in Tucumán

We practiced rappelling in the <i>yunga</i> at Mount San Javier as we felt the fresh humid air on our faces. We went down the hill in an unusual fashion towards a narrow creek underneath.


The House of Tucumán

The House of Tucumán keeps a mysterious aura that lets visitors learn a little bit more about the values of this nation and renovates our bond with Argentinian history.

Contemplative Tourism

Villa Nougués

Villa Nougués is seems to be a different country. Some old grand houses, a small chapel, and a few inhabitants make it a unique place.


Multi-colored paragliders in Loma Bola

A first-time paragliding flight enables anyone to experience the new feeling of floating through the air blown by the wind and thermals.

Contemplative Tourism

Pachamama Festival

Few peoples can say they see the sun almost everyday, but Amaicha del Valle gives evidence of this.


Hang-gliding on Mount San Javier

25 kilometers from the capital city of the Province of Tucumán, at the summit of Mount San Javier, hang-gliding enthusiasts may enjoy a real exciting and astounding experience.


Termas Rosario de la Frontera Hotel

Since 1880, the legendary Hotel Termas de Rosario de la Frontera in Salta has offered a privileged site to recover beauty and health.

Tourism in Tucumán

Known as the "Garden of the Republic", the Province of Tucumán is part of the Northern Argentina Circuit and it includes many small towns and cities that seduce all first comers.

Hotels and accommodations in San Miguel de Tucumán

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