Hang-gliding on Mount San Javier

25 kilometers from the capital city of the Province of Tucumán, at the summit of Mount San Javier, hang-gliding enthusiasts may enjoy a real exciting and astounding experience.

In ancient stories, like the one of Daedalus and Icarus in the Greek mythology, Leonardo Da Vinci’s vision up to the feat of Wright brothers, men have always kept alive the ancestral illusion of flying. Nowadays, a spot a few kilometers from San Miguel de Tucumán gives visitors the chance of making part of this dream come true.

25 kilometers from the capital city of the Province of Tucumán, at the summit of Mount San Javier, hang-gliding enthusiasts may enjoy a real exciting and astounding experience.

Visitors interested in a tandem hang-gliding flight can contact Tucuman Adventure Tourist Company, which coordinates the schedule fixed by providers so that visitors may enjoy the ride to the fullest, avoiding long delays between flights.

We set out at the Independencia Square to the west along Aconquija Avenue up to the intersection of Provincial Route 34 and then we turned right towards the summer resort.

  • The ancestral illusion of flying

    The ancestral illusion of flying

  • An indescribable feeling

    An indescribable feeling

  • The feeling of absolute freedom

    The feeling of absolute freedom

The challenging takeoff point awaited us on the mount summit next to Hostería Club Sol. As the instructor started to assemble the hang glider, we stared at the superb panoramic view, which promised to become even more spectacular during the flight.

From the mount, tourists can enjoy magnificent views of sugar cane fields, citrus plantations and lush jungle vegetation typical of San Javier.

“Paco Castro”, the hang-gliding supervisor, explained to us how the parts of the hang glider work and safety instructions. We put on the harness, the helmet, the goggles and all of this preparation was transformed into pure adrenaline.

Few minutes were left to be suspended in the air. We learned how to begin the race and practice the “hanging” with a steady hang glider.

Everything was ready. The final countdown started and there was no time for regrets. Our heart rate increased. Along with Paco, we were set to run off the mount. We took a deep breath and ran as we had never done it before…

Amazing! Before we could even notice, we were flying. Feeling the breeze hitting our face was indescribable. Everything slowed down. The movements were so soft that we could gain confidence.

Paco Castro, a true professional, explained to us how we had to turn to the right or to the left. We felt the thermals on our body and we started to understand the feeling of absolute freedom.

We flew over 1300 meters above sea level. Below, we found out another Tucumán. Far from the earthly life, everything is harmony. We could see the dark green color of San Javier, of Yerba Buena, an almost silent capital City of Tucumán and we discovered the Tafí Viejo roads and Calchaquíes summits in the distance.

After being suspended for 20 minutes and having traveled about 4 kilometers, we had to turn to the landing site.

It is a particular feeling. In order to touch down, it is necessary to gain speed, since the descent takes place level with the ground. We got down until we felt we were going to crash against the earth. The 50-centimeter wheels seemed to get out of the hang gliding trapezium as it turned around the land of joy.

“Perfect landing” –Paco Castro said. After the descent, hang glider enthusiasts usually show different reactions. However, the commonest of all is the fact of staring at the sky from where we had just come. Everlasting happiness and satisfaction will certainly keep inside visitors’ heart after this experience.

Once again we will have confirmed how man together with nature may fulfill the oldest longing of humankind –conquering the skies.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

DurationDuration: From 15 to 30 minutes.


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