El Valle de Tandil Golf Club

Secluded in a privileged site among the Tandil mountain ranges, Valle Escondido is a golf resort that constitutes the perfect excuse for walking in paradise.

Until some years ago, this place was but a valley inside two ravines formed by the mountains. With wild vegetation, dry and rocky soil surrounded by stones, it was unthinkable that this spot could become a natural oasis.

Just a few large birds were the permanent protagonists of this site. And beyond the majestic characteristics of their flight, no other quality would attract visitors to this forgotten area of the Tandil mountain range.

But sometimes, some men’s hands and ideas give free rein to dreams and do miracles.

A group of golfers hit upon the idea of building a golf course taking advantage of the scenery offered by the natural hills -unlike the old Tandil golf course, which is located on a plain- and they slowly gave shape to what is known today as Valle Escondido.

  • Among the Tandil mountain ranges

    Among the Tandil mountain ranges

  • An excellent golf club

    An excellent golf club

  • 18 holes with modern Club House

    18 holes with modern Club House

  • The greens have an average of 550 square meters

    The greens have an average of 550 square meters

It was not an easy task, but the perseverance and the effort to manage fertility in an area that would not be fertile bore fruit. The project was started in 1999. It was designed by engineer Marcos Capdepont and inaugurated on April 20, 2002. The Caprile brothers -Diego and Pablo- contributed in the process, which was constantly assisted by remarkable local architects.

The course has an American-English style, with plenty of movement, both in its fairways and its greens.

Having recently undergone a forestation process of almost 2,500 young trees and some 95 bunkers, its greens occupy approximately 550 square meters. The largest one is in hole #2: it measures 950 square meters.

Also, the landscape makes good use of the natural rainfall water courses by means of small lagoons that participate as hazards in almost 70% of the holes, thus highlighting beauty in each stroke.

In turn, the hillsides are beautifully lot, which allows seeing the complete course from the magnificent buildings that stand there and multiply day by day. From some of these mansions, the complete 18-hole course can be seen, thus making this majestic golf course practically unique in the world.

A dream place worth visiting, event to take some pictures, whether or not you are a lover of this matchless sport.

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El Valle de Tandil Golf Club

Avda. Don Bosco y Ceferino Namuncura (7000) Tandil, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 249-4446020

DurationDuration: All day


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