Tour around Tandil`s Way of the Cross

The Mount Calvary, along with the Way of the Cross, attracts believers who, apart from arriving during the Holy Week may experience religious tourism all year round.

The Mount Calvary is the third in importance on an international level and it has turned the city of Tandil into one of the protagonist spots as far as religious tourism is concerned.

Thousands of tourists of all ages visit it every year. For those who still do not know it, it is possible to remind them that the replica of Christ on the Cross is an exact copy of the image located in the French district of Brittany.

It was inaugurated on January 10, 1943 and was built thanks to the selfless participation of important celebrities of the artistic environment of the city, being the traditional gospel their main inspiration.

As the place is toured, it is possible to watch that there are fourteen groups of sculptures illustrating the various stations of the Cross, which finally end in the Christ on the Cross.

  • Religious tourism all year round

    Religious tourism all year round

  • A unique symbolism

    A unique symbolism

  • Forest of eucalyptus, pines and olives

    Forest of eucalyptus, pines and olives

  • Fourteen groups of sculptures

    Fourteen groups of sculptures

  • Nearing the end

    Nearing the end

  • Finally end in the Christ on the Cross

    Finally end in the Christ on the Cross

The Calvary, so-called because of its extraordinary resemblance to Mount Golgotha in Judea, is one of the most picturesque rides visitors can go on at any time during the entire year. Fall, winter, spring and summer paint their own colors and create various contexts around the mountain range, even if the show remains the same.

There are two ways of accessing the top of the mount. The main way is through a large stone staircase that makes the ascent easier and leads directly to the huge cross made of French marble, where the Christ is.

Next to the cross, there is a replica of the Holy Sepulcher and a kubba, which imitates the ancient buildings of the Palestine desert.

The other way up is through the Way of the Cross, which is to the left of the main staircase and some meters from the Saint Gemma Chapel, a small building with a singular beauty where choir concerts are regularly presented, which can be listened to from every nook in the forest. The chapel keeps a replica of the Virgin of Lourdes in its interior.

But beyond its religious attractiveness, Mount Calvary offers a special sensation, as it locks a unique symbolism not found in nature and harmonically incorporated by man’s hand.

The place is a real tourist attraction as it is inside a beautiful forest of eucalyptus, pines and olives. This allows visitors to enjoy the very particular fragrances and aromas of these trees while listening to the singing of the birds, which have become the stable pilgrims of this site …

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Contact of the excursion or tour

Direccion de Turismo de Tandil

Av. Espora 1120 (7000) Tandil, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 249-4432073

DurationDuration: 1 ½ hour

Bear in mindBear in mind: It is suggested that visitors ascent up to the Cross wearing sport clothes and comfortable shoes and that they carry a small bottle of water or soda.


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