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Santa Rosa de Calamuchita is one of the prettiest cities in the Córdoba Mountain Range. Walking its streets and nooks helps understanding it. And that is exactly what we did.

The City of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita has two elements that show it without any masks: on the one hand, its natural attractions, among which its mountains, rivers and lakes prevail; on the other hand, its historical features, which contribute culture to this precious city that is part of the well-known Calamuchita Valley.

Its history is closely related to the old Saint Rose of Lima Chapel, today a historical icon in the city. This old chapel used to belong to Estancia Santa Rosa de Lima.

The passing of time played a trick on the chapel. It had to undergo significant refurbishing works for years and it was thanks to the support provided by the members of the congregation that its main altar and its wooden pulpit, whose neo-classic style still dazzles visitors, were installed in 1930, after the temple had been completely restored.

The subdivision of the old estancia Santa Rosa was carried out during 1935 and it was not until then that it began to develop as a town. The City of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, named after the virgin Saint Rose of Lima, emerged in those days.

  • Santa Rosa de Lima Parish

    Santa Rosa de Lima Parish

  • The Santa Rosa River

    The Santa Rosa River

  • Colonial courtyard

    Colonial courtyard

  • Typical Cordoban landscape

    Typical Cordoban landscape

  • Attractive landscapes

    Attractive landscapes

  • Estanislao Baños Historical and Archeological Museum

    Estanislao Baños Historical and Archeological Museum

The city preserves part of its historical past intact and this is evidenced while walking its streets, visiting its most traditional stores or public buildings, many of which still display the same features they used to have when they were raised.

To this date, no documents testify any data about its foundation, but 1575 is considered the starting point of its history, with the arrival of the Spaniards and the Jesuits, who gave life to the first estancias.

Many of them are part of this historical tour that unveils the importance this region has had ever since.

The estancia used to be a stop on the ancient Camino Real (King’s Highway) during the years the Viceroyalty of Peru was in force. Later on, it became a post to change horses.

History goes that it was at this very spot where the first hotel, post office, police station and even a kind of school used to function, as classes were dictated in many of its rooms.

At present, this site has become a private tourist venue.

Cultural circuits and tours at Santa Rosa de Calamuchita include Estanislao Baños Historical and Archeological Museum, located in the center of town and amazing visitors with some of the objects and fossil remains found in the surroundings.

Besides these glass cabinets, which may be admired year round, various painting or sculpture exhibitions also lure denizens and tourists to the same building in order to celebrate the birth of a new local artist or else appreciate the show presented by an already consecrated artist.

Outside the museum, in most commercial stores that attract visitors both during the summer and winter seasons, the crafts workshops show off their works made with leather, pottery and wood using materials found in the area.

Gastronomy is another reason for the inhabitants of the City of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita to feel proud. In addition to first-class restaurants, taverns and steak houses, a wide range of sausages, cheese, alfajores and jams, as well as beer, that may be enjoyed at any of the stalls or grocery stores in the city, is produced.

Just upon entering some of these venues, visitors will be amazed by the impressive array and excellent quality of all these products, which will always be part of the gifts visitors take back home.

The Mother’s Monument, Via Crucis Hill, the Deportivo Italiano cinema and theater and La Cascada natural reserve, as well as various bridges and fords across the river, are attractive protagonists of this urban settlement.

Touring its corners on foot, horseback or on a vehicle are some of the options to get to know Santa Rosa, a real treasure in the mountains of Córdoba.

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Activities and tours in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

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