A Spa in the Mountain Range

We visited Caricias de Sol spa and enjoyed one of its programs of beauty and relax. A charming way to pamper the body.

Inside the Valle del Sol Tourist Resort, a spa invites visitors to relax and enjoy the wide range of treatments offered there. Located in the core of the mountain range in Córdoba, in the middle of Calamuchita Valley, Caricias de Sol spa has a staff of remarkable specialists, including cosmetologists, estheticians and massage practitioners who have developed therapeutic programs aimed at delaying and preventing organic and psychic deterioration at the same time they improve life quality.

Run by Roxana Costa –its owner–, who has succeeded in combining the charming mountain peace with an important infrastructure, visitors who dare let their souls be pampered –as she likes to say- are highly satisfied.

Vanesa, Doris, Natalia, Helena and Eugenia accompany Roxana. They are in charge of the several programs offered at the venue. The most outstanding include relaxing and stress reduction massage, Thai massage and bamboo cane massage. The esthetic treatments available at the spa include chocolate therapy, face rejuvenation through microdermoabrasion with diamond particles and multiple cosmetological treatments that moisture, invigorate and relax the skin at the same time they eliminate toxins.

  • Tourist Resort

    Tourist Resort

  • Jacuzzis


  • Indoor and heated pool

    Indoor and heated pool

  • Facial Treatments

    Facial Treatments

  • A charming way to pamper the body

    A charming way to pamper the body

  • Warm and comfortable houses and cabins

    Warm and comfortable houses and cabins

On the other hand, the most successful body treatments offered at Caricias de Sol are those related with mud, algae, water and the liposuction tube.
The venue has an indoor heated swimming-pool and an outdoor swimming-pool with bar, wet and dry sauna, hydro-massage, gym, Scottish shower, relax and massage rooms, where the professionals obtain the highest results with each program.

We were encouraged to take a few hours’ rest at the spa and to let our bodies feel some of the treatments available. It was a tempting invitation which we accepted.

Pampering the Soul

First we were led to the dry sauna. This is useful to open the pores and eliminate toxins. Thirty minutes were enough for the heat to make us feel comfortably numb. The relaxation process had begun.

Afterwards, Vanesa Morgan –an esthetician at the spa- led us to a cabinet where everything was ready for the wine therapy to start. This treatment is done with grape and wine extract. Various kinds of oil derived from the grape are used in this program. They reduce the abdomen, tone up the gluteus, rejuvenate the muscles and the skin, fight aging and have high moisturizing and antioxidant properties as they contain Vitamins A, E and F. Grape pulp is also used for massages. It is mixed with hot essential oils or warm Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Syrah varieties. It is very relaxing. During this period, we were invited to taste pure Argentinian wine, as a part of the treatment.

It is hard to believe how the body reacts to the stimulation on the skin. In a matter of minutes, we were totally relaxed. A soft music in the background and the various aromas that were emerging in the room as the process got along helped us feel absolute pleasure. A nice stress reduction massage session relaxed us and we felt as good as new.

To conclude, we were invited to take a Scottish shower, where the various water sprays helped us get rid of the drowsiness we were feeling.
As the program ended, we were very happy for our achievements and the peaceful state we had reached. Our mood changed just in a couple of hours. That is what the entire process takes. We felt very happy. The professionals had taken good care of us. We left the facilities brandishing a smile upon our faces, as our body and soul felt grateful for the experience.

We recommend having a rest and enjoying the spa-day program offered at this distinguished resort in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita.

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Tour typeTour type: Health tourism
DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: 4 hours
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